– New Logo Shirts and Apron

Let’s be honest about this, the vast majority of all people interested in concert posters got into this scene through, so it’s nice to throw some support their way whenever possible.  They are now offering shirts and aprons with their fresh new logo design by Bobby Dixon.  Show them some love at

4 Responses to “ – New Logo Shirts and Apron”

  1. damn right…
    gigposters apron here I come…
    thanks mitch!

  2. I love the idea of Gigposters, but their website is so frustrating to use I won’t go anywhere near them.

  3. I like the recent re-design but if we’re talking about how user-friendly it is, I agree with Hugh. Could be better.

    (I love GP, to be clear)

  4. Fascists imo.


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