A Huge Batch of New Art Prints by Tara McPherson (Onsale Info)

Tara McPherson will release a ton of new stuff later today.  First and foremost will be full-size art print editions of “Weight of Water Part Three” (20″ x 27″ giclee, edition of 100, $250) and “Lost Constellations” (18.5″ x 24″ giclee, edition of 100, $250).  She will also be releasing numerous small lithographs and some postcard sets.  This stuff all goes up today (Monday, August 30th) at 3pm EST.  See it all at TaraMcPherson.com.

Please Note:  These are not the full images, they have been cropped to maintain the site’s “no-nudity” rule (I know, lame):

3 Responses to “A Huge Batch of New Art Prints by Tara McPherson (Onsale Info)”

  1. I’m down with Tara and all, but why is her work so expensive? I mean her concepts are cool, but not $250 for a giclee cool. I mean shes no Lori early or Audrey Kawasaki.

    Guess that move to Manhattan is really starting to add up.. just my 2 cents..

  2. I think her giclees are of a really high quality. Are they varnished? That’s what I’ve heard, anyway. And I find that most high-quality giclees are of a higher price.

  3. No Nudity? What is the world coming to.

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