“Great Warrior” Star Wars Print by Todd Slater (Onsale Info)

The next Mondo Star Wars print comes from collage mastermind Todd Slater.  “Great Warrior” is a 17″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 385.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, August 26th) at a random time at Mondotees.com.

Here’s what Todd had to say about the image:

“From the first time that I saw Star Wars, I was captivated by the mystery of Yoda’s species and home world.  For Yoda, Dagobah was a place to disappear, and I see him as being at one with the landscape.  For this print I wanted to camouflage him as a part of this murky planet using leaves, sticks, ferns and other flora found in the swamps.  The image is printed on black paper with a shiny black varnish layer in the background.  The varnished layer reveals even more of Dagobah and is shown as a transparency through Yoda’s face.  The kanji (japanese characters) on the left side gives one word representations of the six stages I identified in Luke’s Jedi training: the meeting of a great warrior, the discovery of a Jedi’s strength, entering of a domain of evil, learning that size matters not, seeing the future and finally, the confrontation of Vader.  The screen print is seven colors, which is the most I’ve done to date.”

Click the first image for a larger view:

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  1. not feeling it

  2. oh, well. the pics that were just added look much better than that .jpg

  3. hmmm im guessing this will sell out in minutes.. Great image, great natural imagery.. very good work mr slater

  4. Yeh, I think he killed it. And this time I should be seated in the office and ready to grab one.

  5. I’ll do whatever it takes to order this tomorrow.

  6. very nice work but not for me.

  7. I’ve got the Raider and Hoth prints but this one, wow, it’s amazing. I’ll be standing by all day tomorrow waiting to snag this print.

  8. awesome! im sure it looks even better seeing it up close and not via a photo

  9. um…great print, but Dagobah isn’t Yoda’s home world as Mr. Slater said.
    Although after re-reading I guess he didn’t necessarily say it was.

  10. This is the greatest image of jedi master that I have ever scene

  11. deffo my favourite so far, although the raider has actually blown me away seeing it in person…bet the black varnish layer will look awesome in the flesh…man i’ve lucked out with these releases so far, they’ve always dropped on my days off…another afternoon in front of the laptop for me hehehe

  12. Really impressive work. I’m seriously tempted to camp in front of the computer to try and get it simply because it’ll go perfectly with my room (gray and green) but I don’t think this is the print for me. I need to start getting picky with my wall space and wallet. :)

  13. Slater is one of my favorite artists and he killed on this print.
    Yoda, proud he would be!

  14. Phenomenal work by Slater. I’ll be trying to snag this for a good friend of mine.

    Has he done a “phantom” varnish layer before in any of his prints? Wonder if it is something he picked up from Rob Jones who has done it (or something similar) on a few Raconteurs prints?

  15. There is no try! +1 for me!!

  16. Some of my prints may appear that way because of underprinting, but I don’t think I’ve ever used a separate varnish layer like Todd does. It’s a repeating thing for him that you can see on a number of his prints including his great Alamo prints for Repo Man and Goldfinger.

    Speaking of Raconteurs & Slater, the color scheme I used for most of them (Copper, dark brown, French Sand paper) was stolen from Todd from his outstanding Velvet Revolver poster.

  17. Pretty impressive.

  18. You did the right thing here Mr. Slater.
    Absolutely beautiful work. This won’t last a hot second tomorrow and it certainly shouldn’t.
    No work gettin done for me :)

  19. The poster aside, which is ridiculously badass. I’m just curious, what do some of us do for a living that allows us all to camp out in front of computers at work all day for these drops?

    I’ll start haha. I’m and staging and field technician for AT&T working on our state project down here in TN. Which is why sometimes I miss drops and bitch and moan on here about it.

  20. I manage the media department at a bookstore. Unless the place is on fire I can usually spend the first half of the day camped out in front of the computer there :)

  21. @Baker – I sit on my butt all day working on websites and designing etc, so I just open the browser page and let it auto refresh via a browser plugin. It just sits up there in a corner of a monitor until it the purchase link comes up.

    The only effort snagging a drop like this is having a bladder of steel. I missed the Obey Megaphone a few weeks ago because I had to pee. So lame. There’s also a questionably strong Obey drop tomorrow also… so good luck to everyone!

  22. I too have always wondered what everybody else here does for a living. I graduated about a year ago and was lucky enough to get a job designing tshirts and other promotional goods for a custom apparel shop. So the fact that I sit in front of 3 screens all day helps on drops like these.

  23. i don’t like it at all. the back ground and foreground don’t mix well, too flat.

  24. Thanks for the info RJ.

    Does a varnish layer have a similar effect in person as underprinting? I’m thinking of the sheet music on your Denver Racs print or the stamps in that print of the band.

    Also, whats underprinting? Are the notes and stamps an ink layer below the rest of the image? I always assumed it was just a shade lighter or a transparent ink and screened on the image.

  25. I make comic books… so I’m on the computer all day and all night!

  26. Varnish produces an effect shinier than underprinting that plays more with the light.

    The Stamps on my Racs print were translucent white ink that D&L heaviliy diluted as I feared varnish wouldn’t show up well across the photograph and atop metallic ink.

    Varnish works best and produces a clearer image when used on a darker empty field like on the Yoda print (just varnish on black, or some darker color like blue or red. It wouldn’t prove terribly effective on yellow).

  27. Is anyone else having issues logging into their account on mondo? It keeps telling me my verification word is incorrect??

  28. @PAK: I’ve had that happen a couple times. Just keep trying and refresh as needed to get the word to change. No idea why it happens but it seems to randomly.

  29. no mate no issues with loggin in here…but i never actually log-out tbh…i dread the day i might have to sneak a drop at work and log on from another machine, these completely random drops are a killer…up to the hoth one they always seemed to be on the hour but the last one threw that out the window…imma tryin to cook here…stilton burger will have to wait i guess….talkin bout jobs, i work in tech support but luckily i do 4x10hrs inc sat and sun so i have 3 days off durin the week to sit and hit f5…god that sounds even sadder now i’ve seen it written down haha

  30. Got my +1 on…

  31. +1

    first star wars and first slater!

  32. +1…bit of a weird one, had to enter my state details twice, despite the fact i definitely populated the field..minor stress though, back to the burgers lol

  33. In and out–good luck everyone.

  34. +1 indeed. Boy Justin your site’s just butter smooth these days. Whatever you did you did it right :)

  35. Gone! Holy shit that was fast

  36. GONE! Sold out in FIVE minutes. New record on the Star Wars releases…

  37. Going from the tweets it was 7 minutes if we want to split hairs about it haha. But still, super fast sell out, and super smooth transaction. Seems like the Mondo store is good and ready for about anything….

    We could probably test it with a Danger, Stout, or Moss drop though, just saying.

  38. sheeeit 5 minutes…combination of the character and Todd’s awesome work I guess…what will be next and how many more to go I wonder?

  39. I wonder if RJ did a print…

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