“Sketches of Babylon” Mono-Distortion Prints by Mear One (Onsale Info)

When I say the word “print” in the title, it’s really just a formality, as these really aren’t prints at all.  Mear One’s “Sketches of Babylon” is a mono-distortion piece (in other words, a series of totally original paintings/drawings done in a uniform style).  They are 18″ x 29″, 33 were made, and they will cost $500.  You can see pictures of all of them here.  Again, for a totally original piece of art, that’s a great price.  They go up today (Tuesday, August 24th) at 1pm PDT.  When the time is right, shoot Baurmann Gallery an email.

3 Responses to ““Sketches of Babylon” Mono-Distortion Prints by Mear One (Onsale Info)”

  1. Love it! Especially the reference to the Rothschild’s banking system.

    Not much love for Mear One over at kosherexpressobeans. lol

  2. I have a few of his pieces and as Mr Mitch says – hardly a print as each one is so hand finished. They are very hard to own as they are so strong. It’s hard to pair up with other art – Still just adore his work.

  3. Yeah.. Love the central banking system. Go Rothschilds, Go Federal Reserve, Go New world odor!!

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