“Protect Your Dome” Charity Art Print by Megabolt

If you ride bikes, this new art print from Megabolt is a pretty great deal.  “Protect Your Dome” is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 30, and is $20.  All profits will be donated to the Pablove Foundation.  Additionally, you’ll receive a 25% off coupon code from Ben’s Cycle for any helmet purchase.  Visit Megabolt.

4 Responses to ““Protect Your Dome” Charity Art Print by Megabolt”

  1. That artwork should be credited correctly.

    Brett Stenson illustrated it

    Josh Rickun printed it.

  2. Although you’re right, it was for Megabolt.

  3. Thanks Mitch!
    Poster design is by Brett Stenson (www.brettstenson.com)

    @Paloma I’m confused what your post means but if you have questions feel free to email us at info@megabolt.org

  4. Sorry didn’t mean anything by it, just really love Brett’s work. He was talking about illustrating those posters for you and really happy with the way they turned out. Just wanted to put his name out there. He’s an unbelievable talent.

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