New Concert Posters by Rich Kelly

Rich Kelly has a number of new posters up for sale.  Rich is truly an exciting young talent in this scene, snatch his stuff up now while you can.  All of the info is below, check out his new shop.

Carolina Chocolate Drops

16″ x 20″ Screenprint, Signed, $20:


18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 155, $25:

The Black Keys

16.5″ x 25″, Edition of 185, $25:

19 Responses to “New Concert Posters by Rich Kelly”

  1. I like all of those. nice style!

  2. The Devo poster is HOT!
    Super wish I could find a hundo on the sidewalk this week.

  3. Beautiful image on the Carolina Chocolate Drops poster, but the font typography saddens me. Fonts are ok for listing out all the tour dates, but do some custom lettering for the band logo next time, PLEASE! …or is that all freehand lettering, that just looks like a font(?). Which still makes it kinda “ehh”.

  4. Amazing stuff, again

  5. man, I am digging that Devo, too. and i was at that show, gah…. hmmm….

  6. I personally see no issue with using fonts on posters so long as they are tastefully applied. I personally cannot tell if these are fonts or hand lettering. I enjoy clarity and readability rather than having to squint and turn my head to figure out what is written.

  7. His choice of faux calligraphy font/style makes me want to rip my eyes out. What a way to crap on an otherwise beautiful poster. I assume it is a font (or a tracing of a font) because of the suspiciously computery default kerning of “2010”.

  8. What an amazing and powerful image the one on Carolina Chocolate Drops… wow!!!!

  9. the Devo is incredible

  10. Rich is awesome, his S’N’S prints arrived this morning… really fantastic.

  11. Rich is my new favorite artist! His approach to rock posters is refreshing.

  12. Font, type, style, calligraphy and typography are all different terms in design and should not be used interchangeably..

    “The typeface chosen should be legible. That is, it should be read without effort. Sometimes legibility is simply a matter of type size. More often however, it is a matter of typeface design. In general typefaces that are true to the basic letterforms are more legible than typefaces that have been condensed, expanded, embellished, or abstracted.”

    Just sayin’..

  13. these are all unbelievably amazing. the muted colors and drawing style really go hand and hand.

  14. What Johnny said.

    The typographic style will come with time for Rich. Right now he’s got amazing artistic talent and sometimes the type used is fine for that image.

    I’m really digging his Black Keys poster.

  15. Johnny, What the heck are you spewin? Put the text book down. ROFL.

    13, I agree. His artistic talent is amazing. And with time his typography will get better (hopefully). I’m a firm believer in that constructive crit is essential for all artists to develop. I’m looking forward to see what he comes out with next. Unlike someone like Kinsey who will crank out the same old sht. Oops!! I’ve said too much.

  16. Your criticism is not constructive. Look at the language you used in your second post, 3d. You could have said that in a more civilized manner.

  17. gorgeous. his typefaces don’t bother me too much; not enough to get in the way of how lovely the images are. everyone can’t be Horkey, and thank heavens it isn’t more illegible swirly 70s nonsense.

  18. ouch

  19. That’s not true, and it will be corrected.

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