Kevin Tong’s First Solo Show: Mechanical Dreams (This Weekend!)

Kevin Tong’s first solo show opens this weekend.  Titled “Mechanical Dreams”, it will be held at Long Beach, CA’s Phone Booth Gallery (2533 East Broadway).  The opening will be from 7pm-10pm tomorrow (Saturday, August 14th) with new prints, t-shirts, and some sold out goodies available.  The work will also make it’s way online shortly thereafter.  Below you will find some sneak peeks and an amazing behind-the-scenes video.  Be sure to make it out if you can, get more info at and

10 Responses to “Kevin Tong’s First Solo Show: Mechanical Dreams (This Weekend!)”

  1. Hell yeah Mr. Tong!
    Congrats on the solo show, you absolutely deserve the spotlight.
    Hope the turnout is amazing and you sell a bundle for sure.

  2. Can’t wait to see this show, but I’m pretty sure the opening is 7pm-10pm, not 4pm – 7pm.

  3. Awesome. Kevin is a very talented dude.

  4. Congrats Kevin! Sounds like it should be pretty amazing. Good luck at the show man!

  5. Congrats Kevin, u have earned it..

  6. Thanks a lot guys. I am really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. If you can make it, please do. I will be there the whole night, we’ll also be selling my other posters, and I plan to have a fully extended process video playing at the gallery as well.

    Here’s another print image from the show!

  7. Amazing stuff, man! I wish I could be there. Congrats, you deserve the spotlight for sure.

  8. Goddamn man…you’re a machine. By which I mean- I think you are a robot.

  9. Amazing stuff. I sure hope my orders go through 🙂

  10. I’m a massive fan of Kevin’s work and have a couple of pieces hung up in my apartment.

    Best of luck with the show

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