Off For A Few Days…

I’ll be away from the computer on family business for the next couple of days (don’t worry, nothing bad). Posting should resume Wednesday, see you then!!!

11 Responses to “Off For A Few Days…”

  1. Booooooooooo!

  2. My tummy hurts when the site doesn’t get updated.

    (But seriously, have a nice trip!)

  3. Mitch, u NEED a couple of days off..

  4. HI MITCH,


    SEAN H

  5. Mitch, I’m not sure you realize how you are affecting my schedule here, come backkkkkk. I keep clicking the link to OMG on my link bar, only to then remember there are no updates. Depressing.

  6. Hope you’re doing something fun 🙂

  7. Is there anything going on sale today? I realize Mitch is MIA but we might be able to survive 2 days without him! Emphasis on MIGHT BE

  8. It seems pretty quiet out there this week so far. Justin’s out of town and everyone else seems to either be coming off a big drop or holding tight until the next one.
    If anything goes down I’d bet it’ll be at the end of the week.
    I’m playing hookie today so I think I might go check out the new Hasbro Empire Strikes Back toys with my kid and hang out at the library this afternoon.

  9. for anyone who wanted a zombie poster but missed out
    i’ve got 50 signed posters going up for sale
    on my big cartel store sometime this afternoon.

  10. Po’boy Art is sell a lot of Emek work from his recent showing there…

  11. I’m staying close to my F5 key this week…

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