The New Daniel Danger Art Prints Are Up For Sale

Just a quick heads up, the art prints from Daniel Danger’s Gallery 1988 show are now up for sale.  It looks like the Elk Guard is sold out (maybe Daniel will have some down the road), but the rest remain.  Visit

10 Responses to “The New Daniel Danger Art Prints Are Up For Sale”

  1. +2, including an Elk Guard.

  2. wow. i’d love to know how long it takes him to do color separations on his paintings…

    someday i’ll get an original….someday.

  3. @Evan Me too, champ! I don’t have any wall space left, but for these beauties…I’ll find it.

  4. not seeing any prints are they all sold out ??
    all i see is paintings

  5. Jumped on a few of these yesterday, love the black and white color scheme.

  6. Looks like they’re all gone now, sort of surprised it took all weekend.

  7. will any of these (i should of tried……….) be for sale by DD or MITCH?

  8. @dollface: My guess would be DD has some of each to sell through his store, but my understanding while reading stuff about the show was that the majority of all the prints were going to be sold through G1988. I would just sign up for DD’s mailing list if you arent already.

  9. wish they weren’t so expensive.

  10. thanks Baker – im on the list and was away when these were released – hopefully he held a few back……….

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