The Daniel Danger Show Preview is Live

Gallery 1988 has posted the preview pages for Daniel Danger’s show tonight.  Originals and framed prints are available now, I assume unframed prints will follow tomorrow.  Visit

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  1. Damn Daniel has sold nearly $19,000 worth of work his first night. Showstopper..

  2. are any going up today?

  3. That’s awesome. He’s a sweetheart of a dude and a damn talented artist, he deserves any success that comes his way.

  4. crap . totally missed the print that i wanted. owell. thats what happens when u go drinkin and stay up til 430 watchin caddyshack.haha

  5. Are these ever gonna drop???


    “because they will take it back, piece by piece” for me!

    so stoked!

  7. +3. Word.

    Oh, they’re up.

  8. nice, +3

  9. Everything is up now! I picked up three prints, spent more than I probably should but am super excited to have these prints!

  10. I have no idea why I just tossed a bunch in my cart. Sister scored for me yesterday. Haha guess it’s just a drop reflex. Cart emptied.
    Congrats anyone that gets in!

  11. In for both:

    “…regardless of everything, i came to know you as a relic”
    “i should have tried harder, I shouldn’t have given up”

    The crappy work week just got better =)

  12. +1 of the unframed ‘Elk Guard’ BALLLLER.

  13. Hmmmm. If it states an 18 X 24 “image size” can I assume it’s actually 19 X25?

  14. Elk Guard is 17″ x 21″
    Regardless of Everything is 17″ x 25″
    do we let it in? do we have a choice? is 18 1/4″ x 24 1/8″
    because they will take it back, piece by piece is 18 1/4″ x 24 1/8″

  15. @Jeremy


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