The Daniel Danger Show Preview is Live

Gallery 1988 has posted the preview pages for Daniel Danger’s show tonight.  Originals and framed prints are available now, I assume unframed prints will follow tomorrow.  Visit

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  1. unframed prints all say sold out

  2. correction, unframed prints all say “out of stock”

  3. urgh. i hate you and your awesomeness dan danger!

  4. @fee: there are no unframed prints listed, just framed prints. The unframed prints will first be available at the opening this evening and then the remaining prints (if there are any) will go online tomorrow most likely.
    My assumption is that the framed prints that are marked as “out of stock” are indeed out of stock as there was probably one of each available for sale.

  5. I pretty much had to make sure I got something from this show, so I bought both the framed green ones. Was kinda hard to convince myself it was a good idea, but i somehow managed.

    Hopefully I will somehow manage to buy snag up both the blues from the show too. Reallly liking everything from the show!

    Congrats DD.

  6. those prices for some of the framed pieces are so worth it. Too bad I don’t live in LA

  7. ps.
    I want his new toy now. If you get one tonight, and he’ll hand paint on the figure in front you. NEAT!

  8. PLEEEEASE tell me they are just saying “Out of Stock” because they haven’t gone on sale online yet!

    I want “because they will take it back, piece by piece” so bad!!!! (last one on the page)

  9. @PAK The unframed prints have not yet gone on sale. They will go on sale probably tomorrow with whatever is left after tonight.

  10. Any word on when left overs will go up for sale online? And will they be on Gallery 1988 or on DD’s site?


  11. @ Jamie: No word on when the online copies will be up today, but they will be on G1988’s website. Daniel will have some copies available at some point probably too from his website. But I’m pretty sure he said the majority of these were going to go through the gallery.

  12. Thanks for the info – I’ll keep checking back!

  13. Anyone go to this last night?

  14. I did! It was great. They had 6 prints for sale ranging from $50 – $300. The toy was $500 though so I passed on that. Met Daniel, he was very open and chatted with lots of guests. I don’t know how many prints they sold, there was only about 20 people in line when the door opened.

  15. @ Brooks – sounds sweeet man! I’m jealous. Would you be able to tell us which 6 from the link above? Thanks dude

  16. Went last night and checked it out…great show, the prints looked awesome, and the originals were truly amazing. Daniel’s detail in his work truly needs to be seen up close to be believed. Daniel was a pleasure to talk to as well. Anybody in the area should be sure to check it out while its going on.

  17. @anyone who went – would you be able to tell us which 6 are the prints since these will probably be the ones going on sale on their website today? thanks!

  18. This six unframed prints are –

    “where ashes take the form of houses”
    “the elk guard”
    “…regardless of everything, i came to know you as a relic”
    “i should have tried harder, I shouldn’t have given up”
    “do we let it in? do we have a choice?”
    “because they will take it back, piece by piece”

    The top one is most expensive, I think it was 300. Elk and Regardless were 100, Tried Harder is 80 and the last two are 50.

  19. Gotta +1 one of those. Hopefully they have a good chunk so it will take two minutes to sell out instead of one. Some of those framed prints were steals, too bad the ones I would have sprung for are gone. Still a couple left for you ballers out there.

    Here’s to hoping DD does an East Coast show next time around. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh…

  20. Yup.. what Germain said is accurate. Somehow “i should have tried harder, I shouldn’t have given up” ended up being my favorite. His attention to detail is absoultly amazing. If you look hard enough you can see words on the walls in“do we let it in? do we have a choice?” and“because they will take it back, piece by piece”

  21. Damn Daniel has sold nearly $19,000 worth of work his first night. Showstopper..

  22. are any going up today?

  23. That’s awesome. He’s a sweetheart of a dude and a damn talented artist, he deserves any success that comes his way.

  24. crap . totally missed the print that i wanted. owell. thats what happens when u go drinkin and stay up til 430 watchin caddyshack.haha

  25. Are these ever gonna drop???


    “because they will take it back, piece by piece” for me!

    so stoked!

  27. +3. Word.

    Oh, they’re up.

  28. nice, +3

  29. Everything is up now! I picked up three prints, spent more than I probably should but am super excited to have these prints!

  30. I have no idea why I just tossed a bunch in my cart. Sister scored for me yesterday. Haha guess it’s just a drop reflex. Cart emptied.
    Congrats anyone that gets in!

  31. In for both:

    “…regardless of everything, i came to know you as a relic”
    “i should have tried harder, I shouldn’t have given up”

    The crappy work week just got better =)

  32. +1 of the unframed ‘Elk Guard’ BALLLLER.

  33. Hmmmm. If it states an 18 X 24 “image size” can I assume it’s actually 19 X25?

  34. Elk Guard is 17″ x 21″
    Regardless of Everything is 17″ x 25″
    do we let it in? do we have a choice? is 18 1/4″ x 24 1/8″
    because they will take it back, piece by piece is 18 1/4″ x 24 1/8″

  35. @Jeremy


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