The “77” Art Print Series by Billy Perkins

I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with the giant span of this series, so I thought I’d introduce you guys to it at the beginning.  Billy Perkins has started a huge campaign to make 77 art prints featuring music icons from 1977 (or around that time).  They will all be 18″ x 24″ screenprints with editions of 77.  The first four are up now and include Johnny Rotten, Robert Plant, Debbie Harry, and Alice Cooper.  They range in price from $25-$30 each (or you can buy the entire set up front for $800).  Visit the Classifieds.

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  1. I, for the first time in awhile say….no comment.

  2. @Johnny: “Live Trace copied Billy.” sig worthy line 🙂

    @Mike: their

    @everyone: it’s best not to accuse a dude of cheapness unless you’re pretty damn sure cheapness happened. You certainly don’t gotta dig his stuff but “I don’t like this” and “mutherfucker clicked a button and this came out” are two very different statements.
    Refer to the comments on everything Fairey puts out these days for a nice “how-to” 🙂

  3. Fuck Yeah Billy!

  4. I really dig the Robert Plant piece, nice work homie.

  5. I am in for the whole series. I am looking forward to seeing what Billy has in store for the 73 other portraits.

    And for the record, I have to agree with those that commented about the general lack of respect and snark. What kind of person takes even the two seconds time to try and disparage or tear down someone’s artistic efforts? It may not be your cup of tea but you can certainly keep that to yourself. If the roles were reversed you would probably understand.

  6. These all rule, hard! I will also attest to the fact that Billy is a rad motherf*ck*r that puts a hell of a lot of work into his art. I guarantee that these are not live traced and that what you are looking at is the style of a great artist. Billy has his own style, take it or leave it…I happen to love everything Billy turns out.

  7. Typical – everytime somebody uses this style all the yahoos come out of the woodwork to scream “live trace”. Not everything is live traced people. This website is riddled with negative commenters. If you dont like it – dont buy it. If you have something to say – be constructive. Accusing somebody of live trace, when you dont know – is just stupid.

  8. Billy is an amazing artist. Agree with Tim and Clint….get over it folks and move on. There are plenty of us that will buy whatever Billy puts out…he has the talent others have to steal to get. Got to spend some time with him at SXSW and he’s the real deal. Just framed Bunn’s poster, Billy, and it stopped everyone in the frame store. We’re all coming back to buy more….you pick up fans/buyers every time they see one of your prints. Keep on doin what you do like no other.

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