Daniel Danger Print Previews

Here are three more previews from tonight’s Daniel Danger show at Gallery 1988.  All three of these will be prints, there will be six new prints total.  The online preview will probably go up sometime tomorrow, get ready for the frenzy.  More info at Gallery 1988.

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  1. Putting these up here just isnt even fair to those of us that dont live out in LA. Oh well, the images look killer though, and like usual I am sure they will look even better in person.

    Hope the show goes well tonight for him, I have a feeling its going to be a packed house.

  2. Love this gallery. 25% price mark up on all products.

  3. That third one…i HAVE to get that

  4. I got a mole at this show tonight. She’s promised the world, let’s see if she delivers 🙂

  5. Would be great to live in L.A…. oh wait no it wouldn’t..

  6. best of luck to your mule…or mole i meant.. 🙂

  7. They look great but I bet they’ll be pricey.

    Guessing $100-$200.

  8. @Tony: haha that’s my sister you’re talkin about there! 🙂

    I told her to ask DD out for dinner and dancing.

    “Oh Daniel this night is just magical, You know what would make it even MORE magical?! A signed AP of that new toy you released today and your copy of Jacob’s Cabin with a Dharma doodle!”

    I kid I kid…. ish 😀

  9. might have to go early and line up for this.

  10. @jaiden – if your sister is really going, would she be able to help me out as well? email me – kotopa4 at gmail

    thanks man

  11. per Daniel’s comments, these will be anywhere between $50-100

  12. re: wisdom

    Good news.

    I was basing my guess off of the Danger Dr Strange print which they sold for $150.

  13. 3th one is the nicest print I have seen in months. I’m afraid these will sell out before they go online.

  14. LOVE this new stuff DD! Congrats man, you deserve it.

  15. http://nineteeneightyeight.com/index.php/la/dangersolola.html?limit=all

    Preview up!

    Nothing under $100

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