Todd Slater’s Rushmore Print

The Rushmore print Todd Slater did for the recent Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 is now up for sale.  “They can buy anything, but they can’t buy backbone” is a 19.4″ x 22.75″ screenprint, has an edition of 150, and is $40.  Visit

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  1. 2 color ways and all sold out. The concept is cool but imho the execution is lacking. The bike shown here is a single speed or fixed gear, but there are some glaring technical mistakes with it. The rear cog (or freewheel) is entirely too large. No one, I mean no one rides with reflectors in the wheels and the attention to detail includes individual spacers for the stem, but the frame and fork appear to be integrated as one piece.

  2. My bike has reflectors in the wheels 🙁

  3. Mike Panic is a douche bag.

  4. I love this poster. The thing that sucks is that that image was the basis of my poster for a Rushmore bash I am throwing in Houston.

    Back to the drawing board

    I agree with Fisher, Mike is a douche

    ‘Tell that stupid Mick he just made my list of things to do today.’

  5. Mike Panic may very well be a douchebag but the bike is completely wrong and quite sloppy.
    The bike in the film is a geared bike, not a single speed / fixed gear and the fork indeed is somehow just part of the frame in this drawing. This bike wouldn’t be able to turn.
    It’s all in the details folks. Can you imagine the reaction if Murray were carrying a crowbar and had no mustache because it was easier to draw that way?

    Not hatin, just kickin reality.

    Concept: A+
    Execution: C-

  6. The bike is not meant to be a hyper-realist version of Max’s 1st bike, it’s a stylization. I have a photo of the model of the 1st bicycle from the film, I know what parts it has. If I wanted 100% accuracy I would have built the image out of photos. Whatever I added, deleted, enlarged or shrunk was done to make the best looking print in my mind.

    The line drawing of the school in the background is neither St. John’s (Rushmore) or Lamar High School in Houston. It’s what I remembered from the film and what I wanted it to look like.

  7. @Slater: like I said not hatin at all. I quite like what you did here. I just wish you’d have put a line or something on the frame where the fork meets it. It’d be like a drawing of a car with the wheels fused to the wheel well. I dunno, I’m a bike nerd what can I do?
    Congrats on the sellout for sure though man you got talent fallin out your butthole, don’t sweat us nerds. We just like talkin. 🙂

  8. Ya’ll sound like a professor claiming he can’t enjoy the poster for JAWS because the artist failed to show water distortion in depicting the swimmer.

  9. I’ll keep this one going cause why not.

    @RJ: it’d be more like a person who’s seen the movie not enjoying the poster for JAWS because the shark’s missing a DORSAL FIN, dig? 🙂

  10. I’m going to set fire to all my Slater posters right now. I can’t bear to look upon any of them ever again.

  11. I LOVE this print; but they sell out so damn fast and half go straight to eBay for double. For those with jobs, poster release dates before they go up for sale would be extremely appreciated.

  12. Tim send them to me. I’ve got a special furnace for those to go in so they burn correctly. It’s called “frames”. 😀

  13. Too Late. *poof* Goldfinger burned pretty.

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