“The Bells” Art Print by Jimiyo

Jimiyo reached out to show me his amazing new art print, “The Bells”.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ signed/numbered screenprint for only $30, plus you can use promo code “ILOVEOMGPOSTERS” for 10% off.  Visit Jimiyo.com.

6 Responses to ““The Bells” Art Print by Jimiyo”

  1. This is a great print but it seems like he intentionally left out part of the quote, that “thee” is just sort of hanging out down there and part of the banner on the left is blank.

  2. I was thinking the same thing actually

  3. Same problem here. The art is quite beautiful but the missing bit of the quote and the blank scroll on the left just feel lazy. I don’t think it would’ve been too difficult to plan that one out a little better.

  4. It sucks because its a really cool print otherwise but I can’t stop focusing on that.

  5. Same here , I’d be all over it if it wasn’t for that missing part .

  6. this is such a great print so remarkable i love the skulls in the fethers so cool the bird its self is so remarkabley awsome looking and the tower with the key lock on it looks awsome such great art work if this was a contest i’d give you a 1,ooooooooooooooooooo% thats how cool it is to me.

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