Kevin Tong’s Sex Bob-Omb Poster (Scott Pilgrim)

Daniel Danger recently put together a rad little series of posters in conjunction with ONI Press, the publishers behind Scott Pilgrim.  Basically, four artists got together and created concert posters for four of the fictional bands in the books.  Kevin Tong’s print for Sex Bob-Omb is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 400, and is $20.  There is also a metallic version with an edition of 600 for $20.  Most copies sold over the weekend at SDCC, so grab these up.  Oh yeah, check out the INSANE process video below as well.  Visit

19 Responses to “Kevin Tong’s Sex Bob-Omb Poster (Scott Pilgrim)”

  1. Great job on this Kevin. That aurora came out amazing! Really nice balance with the negative space.

  2. Canada; a strange and foreboding land 😉

  3. I always love when kevin does his process videos. Always gives me a little more insight into the work. I also really dig what looks like the polar lights going on in the sky.

  4. Wow, just look at those posters lying there being all available for purchase and stuff… After seeing they were dropped at SDCC, I just figured I would have to participate in some face-stabbing to snag one of these.

  5. Did you all get Metallic or Regular?

    I’m SUPER happy/surprised that I got a copy of this from his site :)))

  6. I really debated on that one; metallic inks can sometimes be used in such cool ways. However, I went with the regular. I really like Kevin’s artwork, so I figured I would let it stand on its own

  7. duuang! nice poster.

  8. I went for the metallic. Im sure they will both me amazing!

  9. glad i grabbed this. $20 for such a wonderfully composed piece

  10. @just me – I was worried about the same thing, I figured there was no chance I was going to get my hands on any of these, but that surprisingly easy.

    I debated about it, but ended up going for the metallic version. I figured that would look really nice for the northern lights.

  11. Goddamnit of all weeks to be broke. LOVE this piece.
    Hey Kevin how ’bout holding one for a brother till Friday 🙂

  12. @ I J – I thought it was so cool that you relinquished your Spock to Baker. Would you like me to snag one of these for you?

  13. @Just Me: good lookin out man but funny enough Baker just hit me up and said he’d snag one 🙂
    What comes around goes around it seems. I’m diggin this print karma thing. I’m gonna make it a habbit for sure.

  14. These were $35 at comic con, so you guys are getting a good deal. It’s a nice looking poster.

  15. All gone.

  16. Gorgeous print. Glad I picked one up because this is one of my favorite comic series.

  17. Dude! Kevin, that rules. Thanks for the video, you rule. I like the trick with the footprints…you gotta show me that trick.

  18. Darn.

    Wanted a metallic.

    Between this and the Baths poster, Tong is on fire.

  19. that process really got me excited about the level of awesomeness he puts into everything

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