“The Low Tempos” Art Print Set by Guy Burwell

Guy Burwell recently did cover art for the German publication, Low Magazine, and they’re also offering up this new art print set.  “The Low Tempos” is a set of six screenprints (each 9.5″ tall, varying widths), has an edition of 30, and is €45.  Visit Low-Magazine.com.

3 Responses to ““The Low Tempos” Art Print Set by Guy Burwell”

  1. Awesome.

  2. that is a cool looking set!

  3. Argh… I want these, but this website is a nightmare to navigate, especially if you don’t speak German…

    I got shipping rates for the US, placed my order, got a receipt with a PayPal link (which was broken…had to type in the missing part of the URL myself), clicked Pay Now…and was presented with the message:

    “Paypal does not allow your country of residence to ship to the country you wish to”

    Awha…? Anyone successful?

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