EXCLUSIVE: “MOON” Movie Poster by All City Media and Martin Ansin (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse has another beautiful poster to release this week, this time for last year’s sci-fi stunner, Moon.  It’s a collaboration between All City Media (the original designers behind the Moon theatrical posters, among a ton of other awesome work) and Martin Ansin (he handled the illustration of Sam Rockwell in the middle).  This one’s a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 235, and will be $40.  There is also a glow in the dark silver variant with an edition of 80 for $75.  It goes up today (Wednesday, July 14th) at a random time.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. I swear, I think Alamo is reading my mind. One of my favorite artist doing quite possibly one of the best movies of 2009. I already thought the original poster design was perfect for the movie. You top it off with a little bit of Ansin, and you get me wishing this didn’t go on sale 3 days before payday. Ugh, looks like I will be heading to Ebay this weekend.

  2. Same ^

  3. Afro, I love this movie, but I can’t justify the wall space investment. However, if this is something you really want, I’d love to help you avoid ebay. I HATE resellers, and I’d like to make sure this gets in your hands over theirs. Email me at mcdonnell.ian.1984 AT gmail DOT com and we can work something out.

  4. the design is awesome and i bet the GID is stunning. alas, too bu-koo for my wall.

  5. Evan, I really appreciate that, but I think I talked my roommate into trying to snag one for me. Thanks.

  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant

  7. this.is.awesome.

  8. Just a note that the gold edition is more close to the original: http://www.allcitymedia.com/work/view/moon/

  9. Man, really digging all the Ansin stuff coming through lately. I wonder if he is becoming their new go-to guy instead of Mr. Stout.

  10. Alex, I don’t even think I could began to compare them, completely different approaches I think. Love them both but Ansin has definitely been winning over my “Gotta have it!” syndrome.

  11. Man Ansin’s stuff is pure class. It’ll be impossible not to go for this. Uuugghhh….

    [shatner voice] Mondooooooooooooooo!!! [/voice]

  12. up!

  13. Nice! Got a variant!

  14. +1 variant…solid

  15. Shit variant sold out already!
    +1 gold

  16. I am so weak. I told myself I would let this pass, but as soon as I seem them drop I’m like “oh shit, variant sold out, oh sweet, regular still available” …

    +1 regular (thanks to my complete lack of willpower)

  17. hooray gold scoooped

  18. No mailing list email, and did not get a tweet from Mondo except the ‘variant is sold out’ one. Why are we told to get on the mailing list then?

    More inconsistent business practices from Mondo…doesn’t have to be this way.

  19. Damn, barely missed the variant. Oh well, grabbed the regular edition. This looks like it’s gonna be a beauty.

  20. +1 Regular

    feeling a little buyers remorse after seeing how similar it is to the original, but fuck it, it still looks beautiful.

  21. seriously?

    what’s next, redrawing the pulp fiction movie poster? i do not get it.

  22. Sold out already, wish I had known a few hours earlier. Did anyone back a second copy they want to sell me? Please please please!

  23. Just looked through All City Media’s site, damn they’re good at what they do. Basically every film poster I’ve noticed/been impressed by over the last few years has been done by them and I didn’t even know it.

  24. Ryan, you do realize it’s by the people that made the original MOON poster you linked to right? It’s a good one sheet, one that everyone at Mondo liked, so they were contacted about putting out an unreleased version (this one) and Martin redrew rockwell to give it a little Mondo flavor. So, to sum up, Mondo didn’t just have someone redraw the original poster. Cmon.

  25. I agree with Ryan. I like Martin Ansin’s illustration style and want more of it. This just seems like a rehash without any thought put into it. Just too close to the theatrical poster and below the high standard set by Ansin’s other work in my opinion.

  26. Its still just a redrawn version of the theatrical poster. I would guess it took Martin all of 2 hours to do. Seems a little beneath his considerable talents.

    When you say its not a redrawn version of the original poster, what you mean is its a redrawn version of the original poster done with permission from the designers of the original poster.

  27. There’s always complainers. Awesome print, awesome check out, awesome movie (wait, you didn’t have anything to do with that) keep up the good work.

  28. A D&L screenprinted version of one of the most impressive one sheets in recent memory from one of the most impressive movies in recent memory made even sweeter with a touch of gorgeous illustration by one of the most consistently awesome new artists on the scene for $40???
    Uhhh… yes. Yes I bought the SHIT out of this “redrawn” original and I couldn’t be happier with that purchase.

    Stop hatin you two… the art is stone solid and you know it. :)

  29. What’s more a shame is that they were on ebay the instant they sold out. This is why I stopped collecting cool posters.

  30. got the original poster not too long ago, im diggin this as a screenprint. shame it’s sold out.

  31. I sort of have to agree with the “haters”. I would have liked to see Ansin do something slightly more original than redoing the original one sheet.

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