Mark Lanegan Art Print and Concert Poster by Rhys Cooper

Rhys Cooper just posted a couple of really great Mark Lanegan items up for sale.  First up is an art print version of his Lanegan poster from 2004.  Secondly, he’s got a brand new Lanegan poster up for sale.  They are both 17.5″ x 24.5″ screenprints, have editions of 300, and are $35 each.  Visit the Classifieds.

3 Responses to “Mark Lanegan Art Print and Concert Poster by Rhys Cooper”

  1. The 1st one: The background doesn’t seem to flow into the foreground image, but I like that he made it some kind of transparent or metallic ink so that it shows up more depending on the angle.

    And nice job making the 2nd one have a similar theme.

  2. Mine just arrived and they are LUSH!
    Great job on these Rhys!
    The work gone into these is amazing.

  3. Are these prints still available – interested – thanks

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