New Shirts & Destroy Website

Shirts & Destroy just launched a brand new website and it looks great.  They’ll have a ton of new items coming this summer, so keep an eye out.  Visit

6 Responses to “New Shirts & Destroy Website”

  1. …always looking forward to more stuff from S & D! some of the best products out there on every medium. the mystery pack for $6.66 is a steal, i couldn’t resist. jump on that! site looks great! keep it up guys!

  2. looks fun…just wish they had stayed away from the Mystery Skateboards font and feel, especially the ‘s’ and ‘y’……come on guys.

  3. bring on the new shit already!!! bunch of wastemen!! LOL.

  4. One of the companies I’ll support to the end. Nothing but top quality products and customer service from these dudes. Website finally caught up to the product they are releasing.

    Can’t wait for all the new stuff from Florian but also I’ve been dying to see what Kevin Leary comes out with next. His last print is incredible. Hoping that Begley Howl artwork is right around the corner too!

    Grabbed two of these xxl mystery packs. No one is going to beat the price and I’m hoping I get at least one totally ridiculous shirt(I’ll even rock one of those prison handshake shirts if you include a vacation forever!)

  5. I got refunded for one of the packs so I got my 3 shirts today and they totally fucking rule. Doomriders halloween, Integrity and Rise and Fall. Another totally successful mystery pack!

  6. ain’t that “S” in their logo really reminiscent of the German officers in the third Reich? what gives?

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