“Scrap Yard Power Droid” STAR WARS Print by Jeff Soto

Well everyone, here it is, the beginning of what the folks at The Alamo Drafthouse have been working on and hinting at for so long.  In conjunction with LucasFilm LTD, they have launched an official series of prints based on the original Star Wars trilogy.  They will be dropped on a completely random basis, so stay on your toes.  The first is Jeff Soto’s “Scrap Yard Power Droid”, an ode to the GNK (or “Gonk”, as most people know him).  This is a huge 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 350, and is $50.  Jeff put a lot of work and care into this, there are some awesome process shots and a little bit of background about the image at the Mondo blog.  They just went up, who knows how long they’ll be around.  Visit Mondotees.com.

45 Responses to ““Scrap Yard Power Droid” STAR WARS Print by Jeff Soto”

  1. Got mine! First of many…

  2. Shit yeah!

  3. Snagged it, thought about it for a minute, closed mondo. then opened it right back up and bought it.

  4. Awesome, just got one. Hope to get every single one in the series.

  5. the force was strong, yahoooo…another self bought birthday present for me hehehe

  6. It’s not my birthday for another 8 months, but that didn’t stop me.

  7. Numbered but not signed?

  8. @Dizzle – That’s normal for Mondo prints.

  9. Mondo is hit and miss with things being signed Dizzle. Some are some arent. Soto will probably release some of his own at some point that will be signed. I am just assuming though.

  10. This is a cool print but I would be a lot more interested in this if it were smaller, Tiny Showcase style…

  11. Dizzle-

    Most of our prints aren’t signed.

  12. I thought it would be physically impossible for me to pass on a Mondo Star Wars print but. . .

    Not feeling it.

    Space Seed was a way better introduction to a series compared to this.

  13. I bought it out of straight geeky reaction and the absolute need to have the complete series but looking at it more I think this thing’s gonna be beautiful framed.
    It’s completely unique and really says somethin to my inner 8 year old :)

  14. the power of the dark side compelled me to buy this. it’s straight dope.

  15. I’m excited for this series but I’ll pass on this one, just not doing anything for me. Looking forward to seeing what’s to come though.

  16. Like it, just too damn big for it to find a home on the wall.

  17. I’d like it better without the distinctly Earth native fauna. Kind of ruins the idea of the droid being in a galaxy far far away. Why put a random hawk on it?

  18. I believe the bird is a “Falcon” .. .. A Millenium Falcon perhaps 😉

  19. GONe..

  20. @Kon Def: now fool you know full well those are Sunnydew flowers on Endor.. stop hatin :)

  21. Are any of these posters actually going to say Star Wars on them?

  22. +1 had to…its fekking stars wars for Jebus’s sake

  23. @Stoney: depends on the artist I imagine. If Stout does one you can be sure it’ll be a full on movie poster (sweet jesus guys can you imagine a Stout Empire Strikes Back?) and Olly Moss certainly has a way with type.
    Dan MacCarthy would probably just do a vast desert with tiny Luke looking at a double sunset while Daniel Danger might sketch out an intensely detailed ewok village.
    Jeff Soto chose not to and I’m sure other artists will go with whatever works for them.
    Anything’s possible :)

  24. pissed I missed. Bring on Danger and Stout

  25. Holy crap! Soto killed it!

  26. Sooooo bummed I missed this.

  27. I love when people who have no first hand knowledge answer my questions.

  28. then dont bother asking questions

  29. Anyone have an extra?

  30. Hey Stoney fuck off man. You asked the question in the comments on OMG, you didn’t email Justin about it. I wrote things like “I imagine” and “probably” and “might” and “anything’s possible”.

    You bummed you slept on this one player?

  31. So this one was a pretty easy score but it just got posted to the official Star Wars blog (after it sold out thank christ).
    Star Wars nerds (myself included) LOVE collectibles.
    I wonder if this is gonna end up as hectic as round 1 LOST drops were.

    Good on Mondo though, this series deserves to be wildly successful.

  32. Man I can use this print! hopefully I dont snooze on the upcoming ones

  33. @Stoney: Iron Jaiden was being friendly and offering his opinion. Why are you being such a jerk about it?

    P.S. Great print. I had to get one.

  34. I got one via the phone tonight, SUPER STOKED!!
    Despite the massive wall real estate, I think this one will make the wall.

  35. can’t wait to see the rest, I drool at the thought of a Stout Star Wars print, I, too aspire to own the series.

  36. Go soto go!

  37. @Daniel Danger: If you’re reading this, please don’t be oh so predictable and do an Endor night print.

    @Stout: Spare me yet another film still collage. Yaawwwn.

    Let’s see something outside the typical comfort zone.

  38. So pretty! I’m with Iron Jaiden -my inner 8-year-old is entranced. Too bad I can’t afford a cup of coffee right now. I’ll settle for just looking.

  39. @3d: I couldn’t agree more. I love these artists to pieces and I would LOVE to see them get super creative with their approaches to Star Wars. I think Soto straight knocked this one out of the park. If others follow his lead this series is going to be phenomenal.

    @Bailey: haha I’m all loaded up with ramen for the next month or two. This series is gonna dip right into the Fantastic Fest savings account. I either need a higher paying job or a less expensive obsession. :)

  40. So right after they announce that they’ve picked up the rights to Star Trek, they ALSO announce that they’ve got the rights to Star Wars? I think I pooped in my pants a little bit.

  41. I bought one, but then had buyer’s remorse due to other things I need to buy. Anyone in Baltimore want this, I will sell it for exactly what I paid for it shipping included. Or I will ship it, again with my original shipping included on top of the exact shipping quote for me to ship.

    landmarke @ gmail dot com

  42. @Dan: these are selling for $120 average on eBay right now. You put yours up $80 + free ship (that should cover all your costs) and it’ll sell in a flash.

  43. So Awesome! Nice job Soto!

  44. missed…..was out with friends camping. DAGGER!!!! :(

  45. wow….. this was advertised on aintitcool.com. with that said, my guess is getting the next ones will become more and more difficult.

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