“Scrap Yard Power Droid” STAR WARS Print by Jeff Soto

Well everyone, here it is, the beginning of what the folks at The Alamo Drafthouse have been working on and hinting at for so long.  In conjunction with LucasFilm LTD, they have launched an official series of prints based on the original Star Wars trilogy.  They will be dropped on a completely random basis, so stay on your toes.  The first is Jeff Soto’s “Scrap Yard Power Droid”, an ode to the GNK (or “Gonk”, as most people know him).  This is a huge 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 350, and is $50.  Jeff put a lot of work and care into this, there are some awesome process shots and a little bit of background about the image at the Mondo blog.  They just went up, who knows how long they’ll be around.  Visit Mondotees.com.

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  1. I bought one, but then had buyer’s remorse due to other things I need to buy. Anyone in Baltimore want this, I will sell it for exactly what I paid for it shipping included. Or I will ship it, again with my original shipping included on top of the exact shipping quote for me to ship.

    landmarke @ gmail dot com

  2. @Dan: these are selling for $120 average on eBay right now. You put yours up $80 + free ship (that should cover all your costs) and it’ll sell in a flash.

  3. So Awesome! Nice job Soto!

  4. missed…..was out with friends camping. DAGGER!!!! 🙁

  5. wow….. this was advertised on aintitcool.com. with that said, my guess is getting the next ones will become more and more difficult.

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