“Tall Bike” Art Print by Barrel

Just got the heads up about this awesome new print by Barrel.  “Tall Bike” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 25, and is $30 shipped.  Visit BarrelNY.com.

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  1. The guys that ride these bikes around Brooklyn are seriously up for the Darwin Award. They don’t think the red lights pertain to them and just ride right through crowded cross walks and intersections thinking the world is theirs, all without even wearing a helmet. It’s scary and infuriating how high the percentage of bikers is that both don’t wear helmets and ride hella-recklessly…but will also still complain that they’re the ones being hit and injured. Yes, I am fully aware that there are people who do get involved in incidents under no fault of their own (I know of a couple people that aren’t people anymore because of this), but seriously four out of five bikers down here ride like they think they’re invincible without helmets (or probably health insurance) against traffic lights.

    Last year over on Graham & Metropolitan I saw this guy ride into a red light and nearly get hit by a delivery truck by just inches and, in swerving out of the way, he hits a guy that was legally and reasonably walking in the crosswalk…and then has the nerve to attack the pedestrian after he pulls himself off the ground. Like seriously, Lance Armstrong, that one was 100% your fault.

  2. cock n balls

  3. well said Aaron.

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