Exclusive: “The Rook” Letterpress Art Print by Aaron Horkey

One last thing before the big sale today, here’s an exclusive look at “The Rook”, the bonus art print that will be included with Suite One of Aaron Horkey’s retrospective letterpress series.  If all of the bonus prints are this great, these sets are going to be completely essential.  Remember, today is the day at DeadArtsPublishing.com.

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  1. had to work. missed it by 5 minutes… that suc…

  2. There’s a reason my wife and I still maintain personal checking accounts as well as a joint account. I have posters, she has her shoes. It’s better off we don’t know what each other spends on our obsessions.

  3. @Chad:

    Yeah, but shoes are such a waste ……… 😛

  4. My gf came through and got me the set. Im so stoked for these.

    Its not like im in love with the images, but I figure if the later suites come out that have images that I really dig, then I dont want an incomplete set. I want em all!

  5. Did anyone get a confirmation email from DAP after purchase? I got one from Paypal, so I’m sure I’m good, but you know…

  6. Very nice. Just couldn’t pull the trigger.

    Gotta save up for whatever crazy thing Mondo is unveiling next week.

  7. how much where they?

  8. @Isaac The sets were 275 shipped which was the only way to get the “Rook”

  9. ouch! good thing i have a few of his prints already. how many are in the set?

  10. Ooh. I’m inspired to get out my old wood blocks again.

  11. There are three letterpress prints in the set plus The Rook.

  12. The Rook is a beautiful example of how Aaron draws,he only draws what is not there. He draws the shadows of an object with such exquisite detail. When is he going to release a book of collected work?

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