Detail Pictures of Aaron Horkey’s Letterpress Prints

Ken Harman of Arrested Motion and Hi-Fructose magazine sent over some amazing pictures of the upcoming Aaron Horkey letterpress set.  It looks like the quality on these will be every bit as high as promised.  Today is the big day, don’t forget.  Enjoy!

6 Responses to “Detail Pictures of Aaron Horkey’s Letterpress Prints”

  1. Holy shit they look beautiful. Fuck being skint I’m going without food/records/beer for a month to get one of these…

  2. This looks so fantastic! Incredible! Shit that my account is unbalanced. Maybe i´ll go for the racebannon print. clap clap horkey and letterpress

  3. Absurdly gorgeous. Gotta do it.

  4. They look amazing, this will be a game time decision for sure cause of the cost. Granted today was payday…hmmmm.

  5. See, I do want the consistent number, but this set doesn’t have any of my favourites. Beautiful, but it’ll depend on the images.

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