Neil Young Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey will continue his canvas portrait series with another release today.  “Neil Young” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $75.  It goes up today (Thursday, June 17th) at a random time.  Visit

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  1. This prints are getting fairly boring and repetitive now…

  2. I like it! Seems like a hit to me!

  3. I just like pointing out what celebrity these closer resemble than their actual subject.

    Look, it’s Joey from Blossom!

  4. When you see the actual prints in person the detail in the screenprinting is actually fantastic. You will never see if on screen like this.

  5. This one gets a thumbs up from me. The portrait is a little tighter than some of these previous ones where it looked like some college student was learning how to vector over photographs.

  6. Looks good.
    WTF is Joey from Blossom? G4Y! ROFL

  7. This one actually looks like a piece of art instead of Live Trace.

  8. so boring!

  9. You wanna see bad student vectoring over photographs? Search Ernesto Yerena. If you can’t tell the difference, I can’t help you.

  10. I just wish he would change the colors and tones up on all of his stuff.

  11. Just an FYI from a fellow printer.He actually cuts allot of the BLACK out of Ruby still. You can see the original cuts at some of his shows. Might be created via vector but the actual separation is then cut with an X-Acto knife and a piece of rubylith.

  12. I like it.

  13. The print is a little better then the rest of his recent crap, but it’s still crap…

  14. Let me expand that: I don’t get the childish comments and personal attacks. There’s really no reason to be so personal.

    I wish the forums on this blog were a place where people could talk about the poster art without it automatically disintegrating into absurdity.

    It’s really an insult to Mitch and all of the work that he puts into curating this movement.

  15. it’s up.

    tried placing an order, but couldn’t get it.

  16. sold out in seconds again

  17. these sold out in a matter of minutes and are already on ebay.

    it makes you wonder if there are any shepard collectors anymore or if scalpers just buy them out trying to make a quick buck.

  18. I HATE FLIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m new to collecting art. Shepard Fairey has always been one of my favorites. I was lucky enough to snag one of these. It’s the first print I’ve ever owned.

  20. @Ivryan: wouldn’t the people buying them on eBay be the “shepard collectors” you’re wondering about?

    Just a thought :)

  21. Print Mafia’s print of this same photo is WAY better IMHO.

  22. These are just about to bore my eyeballs out of my head.

  23. Awesome glad to score one.

  24. Damn, seems like the haters on this site multiple exponentially by the day . . . it’s a shame.

  25. I come on this site everyday and love it but this it he first time I have looked at the comments… Stop being pretentious assholes! If you don’t like the print say something constructive or move on. Say something productive because some one probably spent a lot of time on this piece. If you were in an art gallery and the artist was standing in the room next to his print would you walk up to them and tell them their stuff is crap?? If slandering work in online forums makes you feel good than you are a coward.

  26. @Rev: in the past we’ve gone over the very rational reasons why a lot of us just don’t have much respect for Shepard Fairey’s work these days. To keep rehashing the same criticism (much the same way Shep rehashes imagery) would be boring.
    It’s more fun to just be like fuck this dude every time he poops out another tracing, dig? 😀

  27. I normally wouldn’t hate on anything posted here whether I liked it or not but regardless of whether this is a series or not these posters might as well all be the same. Its sad that someone can become well known and then just make mediocre crap or rehashes of former work from then on and still sell out every release in under an hour.

  28. Jennifer C, I disagree.

  29. Iron Jaiden, you said, “in the past we’ve gone over the very rational reasons why a lot of us just don’t have much respect for Shepard Fairey’s work these days. To keep rehashing the same criticism (much the same way Shep rehashes imagery) would be boring.”

    Perhaps. But why even waste your time posting nasty, personal comments that really don’t add to the discussion.

    There’s plenty of stuff that goes up here that I think is phoned in or redundant, but respect Mitch’s work and value my time too much to constantly bash, bash, bash.

  30. Can you imagine walking into a friends home and seeing a row of these Shep prints on their walls? How terrible. It’s like meeting someone that says they like metal so you get excited to talk to them and the bands they talk about are Disturbed and Mudvayne. You just want to slap them and yell at them ” THERE’S SO MUCH BETTER STUFF OUT THERE!!! WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME WITH THIS CRAP???!?!”

  31. ditto nick above me

    BUT in person his craftsmanship and layers ARE pretty fantastic. it’s true they are better in person, but an image should hopefully stand the test of reduction and resolution, and these just aren’t doing it at all for me

    it’s my understanding Ernesto Yerena is actually a co-worker or the like in the Obey factory. i’m not excusing it at all. just that he seems like that dough eyed kid who nips Shep’s heels and worships him, not anyone who is going to make a unique dent in the image making or poster world. he’ll disappear like all the other sad vapid frauds

  32. Sucks i used to look forward to his drops. Not anymore i think i have passed on the last 12. Even to flip i wouldn’t waste my time on them.

    What happened to the good stuff..?

  33. Honestly Haters? Seriously? This is badass.

  34. I agree with Zonaea!!!

  35. I love Neil Young, as Neil fan this does nothing for me. To be honest it kind of bugs me but I wouldn’t be surprised if Neil’s people talked to Shep’s people and wanted a print made. I don’t think Shep’s aesthetic fits Neil and that’s why it looks weird but why would you say no to Neil Young?
    I’m not really a Prince fan but if I was a household name in the poster world like Shep and Prince asked me to do a print I would take it in a heartbeat and do my best. So it’s a “don’t hate the player, hate the game” thing for me, can’t blame Shep.

    I only say all this because there is a place for conversation on the merits of a design, it’s not “shit talk” just because you don’t like something or feel it misses the mark but there are obviously those who don’t go into any detail on their opinion and those people are assholes. By the same token people shouldn’t be hypersensitive to anyone who has something to say other than “this is awesome”.

    Anyway, If I were a collector I would opt for the Print Mafia Neil Young print which actually used the same source photo as Shep’s print:

  36. easycall… this is a pass for me,. GL to the rest

  37. Jon Smith with the CLASSSSS.

  38. @jrose and ALL who feel bad for poor Shep: this dude is gonna catch more shit from folks (including myself) for a couple of reasons (won’t get into all of them this early in the morning) but I think the most important being that he makes like a ZILLION DOLLARS FROM TRACING PHOTOGRAPHS. I’m not mad at Shep. Hell if I figured out that angle back when he did I’d do the exact same thing, but I’d sure as hell expect people to call me on it.
    Like I said it’s just fun to be like fuck this dude. If Shep’s half as cool as you guys think he is he’s saying the same thing about himself.

    Ps. Never… and I mean NEVER apologize for politicians or rich people, I promise their problems ain’t your problems. 😀

  39. People should really try to get a chance to see, the actual stuff this is based on which is really amazing. To make a print based on a canvas piece is NOT and easy thing to do. If you understand screen printing at all ( and you should get hip to the medium of the work you are collecting) you would all have a better appreciation of what goes into work like this. You don’t have to LIKE a piece but to bash something the way some of you are doing is really a sign of someone not being educated enough on the subject there commenting on. It makes you sound really dumb. Time and time again there have been the some people that comment with an intelligent point of view on work they both like and dislike and it makes for an overall better forum and conversation.
    “It’s more fun to just be like fuck this dude every time he poops out another tracing, dig?”
    Really? Stop wasting our time with such nonsense comments please.

  40. Hey Pete have you ever not liked the work an artist puts out while other people tended to dig it? Have you ever seen a movie and said “man that movie sucked!” while surely someone else in the theater said the exact opposite? Have you ever been recommended a band only to find out your friend gave you a CD full of noise?
    If the answer is yes then you my friend have had an O P I N I O N.
    Your opinion may not always stand up to scientific peer review, but it’s always worth having and expressing. Sometimes you just get that feeling in your tummy that you just don’t like a thing and that’s ok.
    The awesome thing about art is it can be just as absurd as the people and ideas that surround it. I can call Shep a fraud, Jon Smith can offer useful critique, and you can ride Shep’s jock into the sunset and we all kinda rule just the same.
    Luckily a good dude like Mitch puts in the work so all us monkeys can throw poo at each other and the art on the wall in his comments section. Neat huh?

    Hugs, kisses, and high fives my man cause it’s all good :)

  41. Sure his prints are great technically and in regards to quality but the subject matter and style is getting a little tired in my opinion. It seems like he is releasing the same stuff week after week. They still seem to get snapped up in seconds so more power to him i guess.

  42. Avoid buying this from flipper Jon Meagher. Google to beware his shadiness.

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