The Aaron Horkey Retrospective Letterpress Series – Suite One (Onsale Info)

Dead Arts Publishing is finally ready to unveil Aaron Horkey’s Retrospective Letterpress Series, with the first suite of prints dropping later this week.  Meticulously printed by The Bieler Press on Somerset Velvet Radiant White 330 gsm fine art paper, these prints have met Aaron’s sky-high standards.  They were produced at the exact same size as the original drawings, and word is it is seriously hard to distinguish print from drawing.  The first suite will include “The Scavenger” (Fantomas), a 9″ x 16.6″ print for $125, “Drifting Monument” (Racebannon), a 6.9″ x 18.1″ print for $85, and “Goatmeal” (The Melvins), a 9.25″ x 9.25″ print for $65.  You will also be able to buy the entire set of three, plus a fourth bonus print, “The Rook” (first of six bonus prints based on chess pieces), for $260.  These go up Friday, June 18th at 10am PST and will be available for a period of four hours, ending at 2pm PST. There will be five more suites to follow.  Visit

Only the first image below is a shot of the letterpress series, the others are reminders of the posters that the linework was originally used for.

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  1. I just don’t know how one color letterpresses of this size with open editions can be justified at this price. Absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Just for the record, Bieler Press only furnished one proofing of each image, they did not go “through rounds of proofing” to meet anyone’s standards other than our own. Your statement is BS, get real.

    Gerald Lange

  3. thank goodness for credit cards :)

  4. Wish I could get it on the series starting now, but I probably won’t be able to until the next one comes out. Hopefully it’s within the next month!

  5. I guess this is a timed edition? Or am I missing something?

    I really hope the next releases are spaced out over the next year or so. All at once will be too rich for me.

  6. Wow – beautiful.

    Alas way out of my spending power.

  7. @Brian

    Yeah, timed, thank goodness. Read the text in bold in the above post.

    Friday, June 18th at 10am PST and will be available for a period of four hours, ending at 2pm PST.

  8. Awesome. Atleast that will keep flippers at bay. Everyone who wants one will have a real good chance to get one.

  9. The best part about this isn’t just the 6 bonus prints (which will probably look killer framed with each other) but that if you order the first set your number is reserved till the end so you can get a complete numbers matching set.

  10. If the quality is anywhere near what Greg showed me last year these prints are well worth it.

  11. Horkey is pretty much in a league of his own

  12. Horkey’s line work is inspirational every-time i see it..

  13. Out of my price range for sure :( I’ll be ready for the next suites though.

  14. My mistake, Gerald.

  15. for me — too pricey for the sizes. easy pass.

    im sure they’ll look nice.

  16. well, that Gerald Lange must be a real peach to work with

  17. where did you here they hold your number makes it hard to pass up

  18. The email blast that was sent out had that information in it. Here you go, “Purchasers of Suite 1 will also have their specific edition number reserved for them for the entirety of the series with no obligation or commitment. Due to logistical constraints, this service is unfortunately only available with this initial offering.”

  19. Gerald Lange is a dick.

  20. Sorry i should have said “Seems like a dick” not “Is a dick”. My statement was total BS. I should get real.

  21. Here’s a link to the online version of the newsletter in case anyone didn’t get it:

  22. “Sorry i should have said “Seems like a dick” not “Is a dick”. My statement was total BS. I should get real.”


  23. I’m pretty sure everyone here could care less if the proofs were up to GERALDS standards

  24. I cant really make up my mind on this. I have exactly 0 Horkeys, but always love his art. I just dont like buying prints for shows unless i will be there or was there. So maybe this is a good way to get them. Decisions decisions…

  25. @Baker: This is your chance brother! I was in the same boat as you, didn’t like buying show prints i didn’t go to, much less for bands i dont know. Then i saw Horkey’s stuff in person. Now I don’t care what the posters for. He could do a Brittany Spears poster and I’d probably buy it. His art’s just that good.

  26. @Baker and srdzevon,
    I’m pretty sure these are the art print versions of the originals so you aren’t really buying a show poster. I don’t see the typography on the Fantomas version above.

  27. They are based on the original line art used for the gig posters. They are meticulously created copies of Aaron’s original pen and ink illustrations. From the look of it, they will be the closest thing that you could possible get to an original Horkey, without paying the four figure price tag. Trust me… these are going to look awesome!

  28. Hopefully this works. I don’t know if you can post photos in here or not. If you’re able to see the below image, this is an example of original Horkey line art. As you can see, no text.

  29. Apparently that didn’t work:)
    Perhaps this will do it!

  30. Perhaps not:) just copy and paste this link:

    This is not mine btw.. I wish

  31. having all those original on our wall for a month or so was fucking rad. I am extremely excited about this release.

  32. @Taso Yeh, thats what I was saying. These are just the original line arts without the bands or places on them. So this is indeed my chance if I want to get in.

  33. It figures, today they took away all non work related internet sites at my job. I better be able to score a set on my blackberry.

  34. Brian, That totally sucks! I feel bad for you. Maybe you should be really sick tomorrow……..;)

  35. i love these timed editions; brilliant model. no concerns of “selling out”. i will be curious as to how many are purchased. i really hope the volume of orders is up to Gerald Lange’s cunty standards.

  36. I’ll make sure to print some shitty copies just for you guys.


  37. Gerald cares about the people that promote his work, and the artists that use him to print their stuff, and the customers that buy from those artists. You can tell by his posts. Lets hope his printing quality standards are just as high.

  38. 10 am PST = 3am for Aussies. 2 beers and the best way through a ‘thank God it’s Friday’ bottle of red … i doubt i’ll see a Horkey letterpress anytime soon :( someone pick one up for me?

  39. Angela, you could try waking up at the tail end of the sale. It’d be around 5:30am.

  40. I mean 6:30am.

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