New Art Prints by Chris Ware and Charles Burns

Griffioen Grafiek has new art prints by two of my favorite comic artists in the world, Chris Ware and Charles Burns.  I have listed all the info below.  You can grab these at

Chris Ware Building Stories Art Print

15.75″ x 23.5″ Giclee, Edition of 99, €125:

Chris Ware Komiks.DK 2010 Print

17.25″ x 33″ Digital Print, Edition of 125, €75:

Charles Burns Black Hole Art Print

19.75″ x 27.5″ Screenprint, Edition of 175, €50:

12 Responses to “New Art Prints by Chris Ware and Charles Burns”

  1. Chris Ware!

    These are amazing.

  2. nice find. This is some great work.

  3. How do you purchase these?

  4. You can purchase these prints by mailing directly at the publisher Griffioen Grafiek and we email you the details.

  5. Love Chris Ware, definitely want to get my hands on one or both of these. One thing though, on the Griffioen Grafiek site it sounds like there are 250 of the Komiks.DK print, but that they have only 125 of them…

  6. Only 125 are signed/numbered I believe.

  7. Gotcha

  8. They have details for using paypal in the email.

    Super nice people to deal with.

    Thank you, Mitch.

    I heart this,

    a lot.

  9. both artist are amazing. on that note, i see posts on this site that looks like charles burns work all the time, thus proving he’s the man.

    mad props on this post.

  10. Am i misunderstanding the Charles Burns piece? Is that a girl eating a sandwich and defecating the in the same instant? Odd term for “black hole” but i guess it makes since.

  11. @palehighway,
    Burns (super nice dude by the way) took 10 years to complete his big comic opus “Black Hole” that, among other things, portrayed defects oddities and the like along the lines of puberty, sexuality, yadda yadda. i think it’s a little over-rated, but hot dang it sure looks amazing. anyho, that’s the story behind “Black Hole”

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