Giveaway: Win a Copy of “Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One”

The folks at Soundscreen Design have been kind enough to offer the readers of OMGPosters a chance to win a copy of their new book, “Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One”.  If you read this site, there’s a good chance you’ve been to a Flatstock event, or at least heard of one, and if you’ve been to a Flatstock, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some awesome Flatstock posters there.  This book collects almost all (if not all) of the Flatstock posters created since the event’s inception, plus has editorial contributions from over 60 people including Craig Finn, Jay Ryan, Jeff Kleinsmith, etc.  The standard edition is a 312 page hardcover for $60, but there’s also an insane deluxe edition with 20 original screenprinted, letterpress, or stenciled posters for $200.  Enter to win a copy of the standard edition ($60 value) by leaving something in the comments.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation.  If you comment twice, your entries will be deleted, I will be checking.  The contest will run for approximately 24 hours, I’ll announce a winner tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. For more info on the book, visit Soundscreen Design.

EDIT:  Using the random number generator at, the lucky comment was determined to be #414.  Congrats “roundbarnjoe”, you’ve been contacted.  Thanks to everyone for entering, plus a huge thanks to Soundscreen Design for the giveaway!

453 Responses to “Giveaway: Win a Copy of “Rock Paper Show: Flatstock Volume One””

  1. Sweeeeeeeet

  2. Hope i’m lucky this time…

  3. I want this boooooooooook.

  4. I’m crossing my fingers.

  5. WANT =o

  6. Pleaaaaaaaaaase let me win!!!!!!!

  7. C’mon, Flatstock!!!

  8. I love competitions. Pity I never win them! Fingers and toes crossed for this one!

  9. Please pick me.

  10. Yo!

  11. Looks elegantly realised and great to document Flatstock in printed form. Want!

  12. im gonna make it to one of these flatstocks yet……

  13. I’m listening to Jackson Conti, it’s nice.

  14. Schöne Aktion. Ich würde eins nehmen.

  15. Would love to buy one of these, but would love to win one even more!

  16. thanks for the chance!

  17. I’m listening to Sondre Lerche and watching the sun come up. It’s also nice.

  18. I would love to have this. Been to one flatstock and it was amazing.

  19. Let’s rock !!!

  20. Win or not, I need to pick this up.

  21. whoa

  22. Yoohoo, yespleaseth

  23. Yes please….

  24. Thanks again, Mitch. And Soundscreen.

  25. Excellent. One day I hope to travel the pond to get to a Flatstock! But this would do in the meantime :)

  26. here, here, heeeeeeeeeeeeere!
    still don’t see me? i am just heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee!

  27. yes please…

  28. Nice work if you can get it.

  29. it would be cool to take this book to a flatstock show and get the artists to sign

  30. Not been to an FS as yet, but do have posters from FS2 and Stainboy’s Get Carter one from FS4, so fuggit, in for a penny, in for a pound!

  31. Would be sweet.

  32. Wow both volumes of the book look incredible, well done.

  33. Get your winner here.

  34. GL everyone!

  35. Flatstock events are awesome!

  36. Awesome, yes please!

  37. A new book about poster ! So cool : )

  38. I really want this.
    Looks fantastic!

  39. Thanks Mitch!

  40. Can’t wait to see this in person. Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Looks nice!

  42. This would be an excelent gift for my wife. Thanks for the chance

  43. awsomo!

  44. This looks like an awesome read and regardless of if I win or not, I’m gonna own this book.

  45. No Flatstock on the East Coast makes me weep nightly

  46. This looks awesome!

  47. My lady absolutely adores Flatstock, so there’s that. Looks amazing!

  48. Bleep Bloop Bloop Bleeeeeeeeeeeeep Bloop Bloop

  49. i like books

  50. Would love to win this one!

  51. I book with pictures … my favorite!

  52. Me wanty!

  53. Howard Stern’s penis.

  54. The editorial contributions from the artists sound interesting!

  55. I want it

  56. ME PLEASE!

  57. I heart Flatstock

  58. Yay for posters! And this book!

  59. I would like to have this…

  60. awesome giveaway!

  61. Great contest – I’d love to win – thanks!

  62. Love Flatstock, Will end up with this book if I win or not. Great giveaway.

  63. holy cannoli, this is sweet! love the contests 😀

  64. Boy oh boy

  65. thanks

  66. Yassassin

    Just a working man

    Not a judge of men

  67. yes, have some.

  68. Something (that’s what you are suppose to say to win right?)

  69. me want please

  70. Can I be lucky during a shitty day ?


  71. Thanks for the contest!

  72. Sweet giveaway. Since I love prints and posters
    more than most people, send it my way!

  73. I’ve never been to flatstock, this would be an awesome intro

  74. Scissors!!!
    Me wins…

  75. Oh, pick lucky number me!

  76. Sign me up!

  77. Book looks great!

  78. awesome! thank you.

  79. Great contest, the book sounds awesome!

  80. Looks great!

  81. Great Book for the table
    Thanks for the chance!

  82. If I don’t win, I’m adding to cart.

  83. What an insane collection all under one hard bound cover- I have my fingers crossed for this one:)

  84. I’d like to get me one of them books!

  85. I love you.

  86. Get after it.

  87. This looks pretty rad. Gimme.

  88. Looks sweet.

  89. Love me some Flatstock!

  90. I think I have to buy one.

  91. In.

  92. I can only wish…. :)

  93. Leavin’ a comment because I’d love to get my paws on that book!

  94. awesome book I want it! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  95. Awesome book. Thanks Mitch!

  96. Oh yes please…

  97. Looks like a great book!

  98. Nice!!

  99. i never win anything but still crossing fingers!

  100. Moo.

  101. Looks lovely!

  102. In it to win it!!!!!

  103. Nice one!

  104. This looks awesome

  105. Having this much poster goodness concentrated in one spot would blow my mind!

  106. lookout! i would love to.

  107. This looks awesome. I have been to a couple of Flatstock events and it’s always a great time. You want to buy EVERYTHING!

  108. it looks like also flatstock europe is covered…

  109. Who pooped in the mashed potatoes?

  110. I’d like to win please!

  111. This would look nice on my Coffee table.

  112. Haven’t been to Flatstock yet…would love one of these!

  113. WooHoo! Contest!

  114. What an awesome offer! Thanks to Mitch and Soundscreen Design for the chance.

  115. Can you dig it? Damn straight!

  116. Maybe, Possibly, Hoping

  117. this book looks awesome.

  118. Hoping to save sixty bucks!

  119. I never win these types of giveaways…maybe this time!!

  120. sign me up – thanks!

  121. With much love and respect

  122. What a great opportunity from a great site. Thanks OMG! *fingers crossed*

  123. nothing would make me happier than to own a copy of this book!

  124. so cool – I want it.

  125. Awesome!

  126. Handjob!

  127. Sweet giveaway. Hope I win it. I think my coffee is already cold.

  128. Very cool prize.

  129. Pick me!

  130. I’ll give it a shot

  131. thanks for the opportunity. hope I’m lucky.

  132. I would very much like a copy of that book.

  133. I like both prints and books, so…this i really like. Thanks for the contest.

  134. I can read!

  135. I have been to Flatstock in Chicago every year since it started and have enjoyed every time I have been there. I would really like to have a copy of this book and I’m glad they have released this book.

  136. I would love this book and cherish it until the end of time !

  137. Piedra, Papel y Tijeras… Yo gané!!!

  138. That book looks awesome.

  139. I don’t even know how to read and I want that book!!!!!

  140. Very Nice. Wonder how often they’ll be publishing new volumes?

  141. totally awesome!!1

  142. Hello from Australia. I like the pretty pictures.

  143. sweeeeet…pick this guy!

  144. yes please. this would make me very happy indeed!

  145. Giddy up a-oom poppa oom poppa mow mow


    & free book

  147. looks like a rad book.

  148. RAAAAAAD!

  149. Awesome deal! It’s a great book.

  150. Cool. Never been to Flatstock but always wanted to go.

  151. Add me to the list. Please and thank you!

  152. hook it up!

  153. Wonderful book! :) Thank you for the opportunity to win! 😮

  154. I love free stuff!

  155. Cool contest as usual! Thanks the chance to win!

  156. I bless your children

  157. me me me.

  158. WOW!! What a beautiful book. I would love to win it!

  159. You are an amazing person. Words cannot describe…

  160. pure awesomeness!

  161. great give away!

  162. Book looks great!

  163. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  164. definitely have to get this

  165. I got my fingers crossed, but if I don’t get picked I will just buy a deluxe copy. Thanks for the contest.

  166. It would be silly not to leave a comment :)
    Either way looks like a good buy, so might have to consider it either way 😉

  167. Sweet Giveaway!!


  169. I’m in :)

  170. Saw this at SXSW Flatstock, Hope I win it!!!

  171. Murder she wrote.

  172. Book looks awesome. Love the special deluxe version with the posters!

  173. I wonder if i’m going to be lucky???

  174. Whoa. Yes please.

  175. Sweet book, I want to win it!

  176. Put my name into the hat. Looks great!

  177. would love to win this!

  178. Fingers crossed!

  179. Cmonnnnn

  180. omg me want!

  181. I would love to win a copy.

  182. I would love to win that!!

  183. When I went to SXSW a few years ago, out of all the stuff I saw, Flatstock was the most amazing. I’d never seen that kind of beautiful art before, and it kicked off my now somewhat ridiculous poster habit. I would love to win this book.

  184. Wow, seriously going to buy this if I don’t win. Thanks!

  185. Do I have a better chance of winning if I say something clever in the comments? …”Insert witty clever banter here”…

  186. “Something” (see, I followed the instructions exactly!)

  187. O Quan Tanginn Wan

  188. Sweet! Thanks again for another good opportunity at free stuff!

  189. nice one,thanks omg you rock

  190. Sick book…sicker event

  191. great site, thanks for the info!

  192. please, please, give me, give me, give me. i need, i need, i need, i need. give me, give me, please, please

  193. need it

  194. The Weather Outside Is Weather!

  195. yay for free stuff.. especially books.

  196. I’ll take one of those.

  197. very cool!

  198. cool book. wouldn’t mind owning it.

  199. Awesome, great looking book

  200. hot dog!

  201. What a great giveaway!!

  202. pretty cool

    toot toot

  204. Coooooolness

  205. Woo Flatstock!

  206. RAD. I can’t wait to see the book.

  207. yes please

  208. count me in

  209. this book looks super rad.

  210. Looks awesome.

  211. Well, I throw my hat in the ring…me likey

  212. i can has rock paper show book now?
    sweet idea for a book.

  213. Thanks for the daily info that ruins my bank account! Hope someone deserving wins that book (not me by the way)!Thanks Mitch!

  214. whats the deal with flatstock SF?

  215. That looks beautiful.

  216. would love to win this. this looks great!

  217. That looks pretty awesome!

  218. oh hai.

  219. awesome of them, would love to browse through that book

  220. OOOOoooohhh, I like!

  221. Awesome prize, thanks for the shot at it.

  222. So much want

  223. thanks for the offer!

  224. BOOM!

  225. Wowee! I want a copy of this book!

  226. Scissors!!

  227. shoot!

  228. That book looks awesome… I want it!!!!!!!

  229. me me me – crossed fingers


  230. I win!

  231. I love posters. I love books. Nuff said.

  232. Pick me, Pick me!!!!

  233. Pirate or Ninja?

  234. This would enhance my library

  235. no whammies…

  236. Daddy needs this sugar…

  237. Wow I need that

  238. This is crazy, I was just checking what the date is for Flatstock 26. Can’t wait.

  239. This book is crazy! I need it! I hope I win.

  240. cant hurt to try

  241. Don’t call it “THE” Rock Paper Show. TRPS!!

  242. gimme gimme gimme

  243. Come on luck of the draw!
    Book looks awesome.

  244. Let me be the one…

  245. That would be amazing to win a copy of!

  246. I comment, for I covet.

  247. Cleaning off a space on the bookshelf right now! Want…no need it!


    Hope it’s me…

  249. I’d been thinking how great a book based on OMG Posters could be. This is (almost) the next best thing.

  250. i want to win.

  251. OMG I want this
    Mitch, you are just to good to us

  252. Something.

    Something else:

  253. an awesome giveaway! thank you so much for the opportunity! :)

  254. I’m in!!

  255. rolling

  256. AWESOME!!!!

  257. Looks like a sweet book! Pick me… I HEART ART!!!!

  258. A Flatstock bible; the poster collectors religion. Yes please!

  259. Great!

  260. Print is dead! Long live screenprint.

  261. FlipMode is the greatest!

  262. yes, thank you!!:)

  263. Wish that cover was more indicative of the content, but great idea for a book.

  264. Me Please….

  265. Yes please!!!

  266. Sweet Giveaway from OMGPosters and the folks at Soundscreen Design. Awesome that they did that. The book looks great. Good to yall and u come back now ya hear!

  267. looks like a cool book

  268. Good luck to me!

  269. Wow this would be awesome to win a copy!

  270. Another awesome giveaway!

  271. greatly anticipated!

  272. Thanks for the chance.

  273. Mitch Rocks.. paper!

  274. want this. need this. a must for our collection.

  275. Harrow

  276. Righteous! Thanks for the giveaway—I’d absolutely love a copy of this brilliantly-designed volume.
    Peace be,

  277. My cats breath smells like cat food…..

  278. can’t wait to win this

  279. Can’t wait to read the Ronvin interview!

  280. What is this now? Something about posters? Hmmmm.

  281. this would look handsome on my bookcase and in front of my face this summer!

  282. wibble

  283. wow! great book. glad to see the movement on such a resurgence.

  284. comment!

  285. more paper please

  286. Oh my sweet book, will you be mine for eternity?

    I am on my knees praying the day of your arrival in my hands to feel your pages and see your beauty page after page.

    Please be mine tomorrow!

  287. unbelievably, I have never been to a Flatstock. I was hoping to remedy this by hitting FS25 in San Francisco, but it’s looking like this book is the closest I may come to getting to one of these events.

  288. i like books about art. :)

  289. me me me me me me

  290. San Bernardino high school football rules!

  291. wow! that deluxe edition looks great! i wish i could see more of the posters, esp if there are some letterpressed prints.

    thanks for the contest!

  292. love it

  293. doodie!

  294. Great contest! Thanks for the chance!

  295. Sick!!!

  296. This looks awesome, I’d love to win it.

  297. Hoping to get picked!

  298. c’mon… c’mon.
    love from boston (for the moment).

  299. Woot.

  300. Big Money, No Whammies…..Big Money, No Whammies……Big Money, No Whammies…….Big Money, No Whammies….

  301. What an amazing contest!!! Thank you!!! :)

  302. Can you put your weed in it?

  303. If you pick me, I will personally clean up the BP oil spill. Guaranteed!

  304. Wow! Super excited about this giveaway!

  305. Love the blog…thanks!

  306. Flatstock FTW!

  307. Beautiful book!

  308. Now that’s a rad looking book…

  309. I would love to have this!

  310. Rock on I wanna win this!

  311. Thanks! I hope I win!

  312. I’d absolutly like to own a copy of this incredible book!

  313. This would be awesome in my home !!

  314. Classy idea, classy site, classy event!!

  315. Best Giveaway EVER! Love your site

  316. wiiiiiiiiii would like to play

  317. apples&bananas

  318. Never could make it to any of the Flatstocks, would love this book!

  319. Looks like a great big batch of inspiration!

  320. Ill take a stab at it, why not? I’d like to hang a copy over my bed and let it catch my dreams and see if somehow magically i’ll have my own work in there.

  321. In it to win it!

  322. this looks sweet as funk.

  323. pick me!

  324. I’ve missed too many flatstocks now (6 hour round trip never comes at a good time) so this book would certainly catch me up.

  325. I’m in…

  326. count me in!

  327. This would totally make my day. We’ve been to Flatstock in Seattle a few years back, and will try to make it out to Austin next year.

  328. Crossing my fingers :)

  329. No such thing as Flatstock in Oz so to win a book about this years stuff would be awesome!

  330. count me in :)

  331. me please.

  332. This looks AWEsome!

  333. Give it to me, baby!

  334. no. me

  335. I heart flatstock

  336. thi is my comment

  337. gimmme gimmme gimmme

  338. Ooo I want one!

  339. nicewan

  340. This book looks awesome. On par if not better than the gig posters book. I would love to win one. Consider this an entry. Thanks!

  341. i am in for the win.

  342. I really don’t want to win this book ! I’ll try to win with this comment

  343. Mmmm. Flatstock… Can’t wait.

  344. I have this sweet simple wall frame from Soundscreen, and this would go very nicely with that set.

    Thank you

  345. hmmm, a book? it’s not really a poster but it will do.

  346. Cheers Mitchy babes!

  347. SCISSORS!!!!


  349. do want

  350. two options, rock, paper, then show.. the odds of winning THAT game are pretyt slim..i guess my odds of winning this are also slim.. ah well, here goes nothing. PICK MEEEE

  351. I need one in Paris ! :)

  352. Great prize!

  353. more free stuff, please

  354. Since im from Chile, Southamerica its kinda difficult to me to get to Flatstock, yet i keep up to date with all my fav poster artists/designers most through here ( not kidding.) So i would really appreciate getting a copy of this book on the mail !!!

  355. I hope I win, but it’s much more likely that this comment will get lost in the shuffle. If I DO win, however, I will name my firstborn (due in October) after thee.

  356. Pick me Pick me

  357. I wont win.

  358. oh, i love this website!!! thanks a lot!!!

  359. Pick me! haha

  360. flatstock is my favorite event during sxsw every year!

  361. Gotta have this book! I <3 Flatstock!

  362. 13 !

    Thanks :)

  363. Coffee table cred.


  364. this looks awesome, im in!

  365. I do not have a chance!

  366. Why not?

  367. Great idea to put all the FS posters in one place.

  368. Man, that book would really tie the room together!

  369. would love to win this….thanks for all the best contests

  370. I’m in

  371. I like books!

  372. This looks like an amazing book, I’d really enjoy it.

  373. Hey, I’m flying on a plane right now. Alaska airlines to vancouver canada. Sweet that they have free wifi… it reminds me of a louis CK interview when he was on conan…

  374. I love free stuff!

  375. This is a great site.

  376. Good luck to everyone but I hope I win it. Ha.

  377. Holy crap I’m comment 364?

    Mitch, you’ve blownz up!!!

    Have to admit, I’m excited for Flatstock SF.

  378. me 1st

  379. Sweet! Yes Please!

  380. Awesome!

  381. Jay Ryan is hot.

  382. too cool

  383. hopefully!

  384. I am so glad that you included Strawberryluna, in this book. She is my favorite poster artist,

  385. Thanks for the chance!

  386. Yes Please, thanks!

  387. Pick me!!!

  388. Thanks!

  389. Give me eat… Oh wait, I mean give me book!

  390. Looks great, count me in!

  391. What a great looking book. My daughter and I could spend days at a time looking through that.

  392. Something!

  393. Count me in, and thanks for the contest!

  394. Oh please oh please oh please oh please pick me, random number generator.

  395. Just nice being nominated.

  396. I love this site and every single post ever posted! How’s that for ass-kissing?

  397. The book looks amazing!

  398. kick ass book…pick me…
    loooooooooooooooooooooove flatstock!

  399. this does look pretty sweet!

  400. Looks awesome.

  401. I’ll take it!

  402. Pick me!m

  403. This book would be great on my coffee table, they produce great work!

  404. Tacos are delicious.

  405. Id like to win this.

  406. No diggity, no doubt! =)

  407. comment. Yay! Comment. Hmm, this contest really made me notice that a lot of people look at this site, ha.

  408. Book! Posters!

  409. Look cool! Good luck everyone!

  410. very nice. hope I win this.

  411. What an awesome book!!!

  412. It’s a long shot…but no one’s gonna stop me from entering a contest. No one.
    -Corey Feldman

  413. Sweet Book! Great Giveaway!

  414. Beautiful. Hope I win.

  415. Book looks awesome – hope I win it!

  416. Ooh count me in!

  417. this would look good on my bookcase!

  418. Hay :O pick mee

  419. ^ FTW?

  420. am i too late?!? D=

  421. I love all the giveaways you do here. Great site.

  422. oh my!

  423. Last year I attended my first Flatstock, and it was wonderfully worth it. Had to duck out of PAX for it!

  424. Count me in!

  425. Awesome! Totally awesome!

  426. I live in Australia and never get to go to Flatstock as its a bit of a journey, I will one day in the future but for now this book would be a great consolation prize for living so far from all those great posters. awesome stuff!

  427. radness

  428. This would be a nice gift.

  429. Ehh, I saw a great preview of this on News 8 Austin.. Congrats, the book looks amazing!!!

  430. never been able to attend flatstock, sounds like a great time though.

  431. Easiest way to get everyone to comment….aaaand easiest way to get awesome stuff for free :-)

  432. i love contests.. and flatstocks. and OMGposters! i also like walks on the beach, cold beer, kickball and magnets.. me for the win!

  433. Oh.My.God… Posters!!!

  434. YES SIR!!!!!

  435. Looks like an awesome book! Thanks for the chance at a free one…

  436. This is a beautiful book.

  437. Cool book!

  438. woh that’s only like the best book in the world to win!
    Hope I’m not too late to enter..! :)

  439. Looks great, thanks Soundscreen Design and OMG Posters for the competition, it’d be great to get a copy!

  440. This time.

  441. only 430-something people want a free copy of this book!?! Better odds than Powerball. Thanks!

  442. Hope I win this!

  443. Thanks for a chance to win!

  444. mmmmm ink on paper

  445. Dagnabit, it’d be cool to have a poster book, as I like to look at posters.

  446. The last show in Seattle was great. Here’s to winning a new book!

  447. Looks great. Thanks for the contest!

  448. Dibs.

  449. a good comp. brings the lurkers out of the woodwork! me please … we don’t get events Flatstock this down under, let alone the poster awesomeness that goes along with it.

  450. hungry,

  451. Yes, I will have this book! Please.

  452. Awesome Book. I’d love to win.

  453. i’m in

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