Rich Kelly’s The Tallest Man On Earth Concert Poster

Chicago’s Rich Kelly is quickly becoming one of the most promising young poster artists on the scene today.  After only a few prints, he has just about everyone talking about him.  His poster for The Tallest Man On Earth is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 40, and is $20.  Not sure where you’re gonna find a better deal than that.  Visit the Classifieds.

Edit:  Sold Out!

21 Responses to “Rich Kelly’s The Tallest Man On Earth Concert Poster”

  1. i love it! +1 for me. 39 left

  2. really cool illustration! Had to buy it! Can’y beat that deal….

  3. g-gone.

  4. dear god, amazing!

  5. Very very nice! Thanks for the new artist tip!!!

    Anybody got an extra?

  6. I would love to have one:) Can anyone kick one down!!

  7. Beautiful

  8. Anybody get two? I’d like one as well, but missed it.

  9. Hey all, it looks like there are still a couple available through the venue here: However, they are not signed and numbered. Thanks, Rich


  11. i managed to order One, happy now.

  12. hey rich nice website. diggin your moleskin sketches…..i really need to get into that.

  13. Brilliant – my favourite print for a long time.

  14. … And he ships fast! just got my confirmation e-mail this morning!!

  15. Beautiful print. My favorite “new” artist (new to me). Love the style too. Looking forward to more offerings from RK!

  16. Nice! Got one through the venue site.

  17. Anybody have an extra?!

  18. Thank G-d for eBay! Finally got one!

  19. Will pay top $ for one of these if anyone wants to sell and make a profit. Thanks!

  20. Saw this and fell in love! Any available?!

  21. we need one…….need to make a second series PLEASE!

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