“Inferno” Print by Dave Kinsey

Thanks to a reader for finding this awesome print of Dave Kinsey’s cover art for the Todd Reimer book, “Inferno”.  It’s a 20″ x 24″ giclee, has an edition of 50, and is $75.  It comes signed by both Kinsey and Reimer.  Visit ToddReimer.com.

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  1. i wonder if this was printed by blk mrkt. this is a giclee?

    great find! really trying to limit my purchases but this is tough to deny……

  2. lew, did you not click on the link provided above? it’s a giclee

    Limited edition prints (only 50 were printed) of original Kinsey cover art, Inferno. Printed on archival paper with author and artist signatures.
    Giclee, 20″ x 24″

  3. Dude who gives a shit about Dave Kinsey???

    Christ on a cracker I do!!!
    Mitch please go a couple days without posting about hot shit that costs money, some of us got mouths to feed! 🙂

  4. Yeah i think this is sick. But i have no monies..

  5. Yawwwwwn.

  6. i read that it was a giclee, i was just questioning it.

    arent most of his prints screen prints? most the ones i have, seem to be screen prints.

    i would assume with giclees, you dont get that thick ink feel, like you do from most of kinseys work.

    i would probably jump on this, if the text wasnt there.

  7. lew,
    this print has nothing to do with blk/mrkt. most of his prints are screenprints but most of his prints aren’t posters of book covers, are editions higher than 50 and are actually sold through blk/mrkt. this edition is all being handled by the author, the printing, the selling etc.

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