Exclusive: Martin Ansin’s ‘Space Seed’ Star Trek Poster (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse has just embarked on an official series of prints based on various aspects of the Star Trek universe, so to start if off, they’ve chosen one of the best episodes of all-time, “Space Seed”.  Martin Ansin’s poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and will be $35.  There is also a variant on wood with an edition of 35 for $135.  Both go up today (Wednesday, June 9th) at a random time.  There should be many more interesting things to come from this whole “tv episode as a movie poster” thing , as well as from the Star Trek series in general.  Visit Mondotees.com.

Click the first image for a larger view:

The wood:

51 Responses to “Exclusive: Martin Ansin’s ‘Space Seed’ Star Trek Poster (Onsale Info)”

  1. thats pretty bad ass. the design, execution, all of it. look its even got dr. bones!!

  2. All kinds of awesome. Ansin is quickly becoming my favorite. his line color and layout are always spot on.

  3. Geat art!

  4. In the words of George Takei, “Oh myyyyyyyyyy.”

  5. If only I was a fan of star trek. This is so awesome it almost doesn’t matter though.

  6. even non Star Trek fans should be able to enjoy the original series. if youve never checked it out, you should. this episode is particularly awesome.

  7. consider me officially a Martin Ansin fan.

  8. Any word on whether these will be signed? (Not that it would change my attempt at purchasing it)

  9. Nah, he lives in Uruguay.

  10. Man I’m not even a Star Trek fan but this is pretty great.

  11. This episode is great. Ricardo Montalban is supremely cool in this one.

  12. I don’t like how mondo doesn’t have signed prints

  13. @James Sometimes the prints are signed and it will state it in the item description. Someone can correct me here if I am wrong but I think the Moss Evil Dead print was signed.

  14. what are we a bunch of nerds? digging on star trek?

    wait a minute.

    nevermind. we are a bunch of nerds.

    Great prints

  15. Mondo’s prints are signed when possible. Just seems like the printing is done far away from the artists most times.

    I doubt we will ever see a Ken Taylor signed Mondo print as he is in Australia.

    I wonder if the wood variant will be online & what the shipping will be?

  16. I am not sure if links are allowed in the comments section here, but someone has this entire episode posted on youtube for those that want to watch it.

  17. Hot DAMN that’s gorgeous! I’m not much of a Star Trek fan but I absolutely love Khan story and “Space Seed” is like the best TOS episode ever!
    I had my fingers crossed for either a Stout Star Trek II or something as rad as this.
    Damn man I got stuff to do today but I gotta try for this one. *sigh*

  18. Dude…that is the hotness. My older brother used to quiz me and my younger brother about the titles of each Star Trek ep… just after the 2-5 minute intro while the commercial was going on. If we didn’t know the name by that time we’d get a light smack on the back of the head.
    Darwinistic, I know. I also can name 85% of Star Trek eps in the first 2 minutes ’cause of that.
    Thanks MONDO…for making another poster I can’t get.

  19. can you guys sell the poster already…i think people are waiting..and some of us will keep waiting until the poster drops.

  20. @hammertime: I hear yah dude. My wife just looked at the computer screen and said “goddamnit Justin just put it up already so we can get on with our day” 😀

  21. isn’t the first rule of sales is not to let paying customers wait? mondo website will slow down regardless if they drop it now or randomly..once the word is out it becomes inevitable.

  22. @hammertime: actually I think the first rule of sales is to find your customer’s inherent weakness and exploit it but I smell what you’re cookin :)

  23. I don’t mean that in a bad way… just kinda covetous.

  24. Great! Now i have to pass….gotta go to the E.R.. ive been F5ing too long and my hand is locked up waiting for this thing to DROP.

  25. @Tony: all I’m gonna say is if you give up now you might regret it. Hold tight for a tiny while longer dude :)

  26. they put up the poster on the main page but i’m still not seeing it in the store… any clue if it will be soon?

  27. They’re up!

  28. +1!

  29. @ Iron Jaiden….im good bro, gonna pass on it. 39.00 shipping for wood is too $$$$. there will be other opps. p.s. you’re one of my favorite posters on OMG. your sense of humor RULES!!

    enjoy to all who got one!

  30. Woo Hoo….got one :)

  31. @Tony: high five for sure man. :)

    The shipping on the wood was $39? That’s outta hand. Guess you can’t really roll it though. I’m stoked on paper.

  32. Hells yeah. I got mine. I wonder if they’ll sell out today. Hope everyone gets there copy. Good luck.

  33. +1 paper.

    Wood is cool but didn’t make much sense for a Trek print.

    Seems like metal or some synthetic would have been a better choice, thematically.

  34. The lag after you get bumped back to Mondo from Paypal and have to wait for all your info to reappear bit by bit is a little excruciating.

    But I just got my stepdad the best birthday present ever.

  35. I can’t pass this up. Would love the wood, but I’ll settle for the regular one.

  36. Just got one (paper)…

  37. I got a little overzealous and just got hit with buyer’s remorse. Anyone want to buy the woodprint I just ordered, at cost?

  38. @ Sam

    Don’t worry about the buyers remorse. You’ll dig that woodprint.

  39. +1 paper

    Thought I swear to Christ, if they come out with a Stout print before my next pay check I can’t be held accountable for my actions.

  40. Paper’s sold out!

  41. Thanks to everyone for a super successful release.

  42. Hey Sam, I’ll buy it from you, can I negotiate price? 😉

    Email me.

  43. That picture doesn’t even do it justice, the wood looks amazing. Really works well with the illo/design.

  44. 300 prints for the entire world. Makes sense much.

    Go make a reprint now! :-)

  45. Sam
    I will buy the wood off you if you get this
    let me know via another comment and then we can exchange info from there
    thanks much for the chance!

  46. Now Mondo is making posters for kick ass TV episodes. Do they not realize that I am already broke? This is gonna get really ugly, really fast!!!!

  47. My email is sam at samgilbert dotty com. Drop a line. I will warn you that I still plan on opening it up and seeing if I can justify the $170 pricetag.

  48. love it, grabbed on on Ebay, worth the extra, bring on the TV posters Alamo!

  49. Sam, I predict you will have a tough decision to make.

  50. Weird… It doesn’t say “sold out” next to the paper copy as it does with the wood copy. It says “not for sale”. I can’t believe I missed this one! :( Stupid busy work week…

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