“Transposed” Art Print by Brendan Monroe

I love when Brendan Monroe releases art prints of his amazing work, especially when they’re screenprints.  “Transposed” is a 16″ x 22″ screenprint, has an edition of 43, and is $90 for now (the price will rise as the prints sell).  Visit BrendanMonroe.com.

6 Responses to ““Transposed” Art Print by Brendan Monroe”

  1. Beauty…. BAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. fantastic

  3. Oh sweet! Phoenix and the Turtle used his work for the cover of their album “Asleep in America”. I love his stuff.

  4. Brendans work is amazing.

  5. shipping flat from sweden worries me, but i really want it. i’ve been waiting for a larger print from Brendan Monroe.

  6. it arrived safe and sound.

    brendan rules the school.

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