Mark Ryden’s “The Gay 90’s” Show Announcement and Lapel Pin (Onsale Info)

First of all, it’s good to be back to posting at full-speed again this week, I had a bit of time to relax while on a small vacation, but I missed the poster community quite a bit.  Now, onto the news.  The harsh reality is that 99% of us can’t afford to pick up an original piece of art at one of Mark Ryden’s shows, but he still keeps turning out special, affordable products for everyone.  Two new things go up for sale this week, the first being a special edition show announcement.  It is 9.5″ tall, has a signed/numbered edition of 90, and will be $90.  The second new offering is the “Pink Lincoln” lapel pin.  It’s 1.5″ x 2″ and will also cost $90.  Both go up Thursday, June 10th at 8am PST.  Visit

12 Responses to “Mark Ryden’s “The Gay 90’s” Show Announcement and Lapel Pin (Onsale Info)”

  1. the guy is technically talented but his work is so fucking repetitive. picture after picture of big-headed victorian girls juxtaposed with meat

  2. i agree. style and variety are two separate things a decent amount of artists don’t explore. take shep for example..

  3. I believe that people sound like assholes when they use the word juxtaposed in context to Mark’s art or the lowbrow movement in general. Just my opinion

  4. the guy is technically talented but his work is so fucking repetitive. picture after picture of big-headed victorian girls placed side by side often for comparison with meat

  5. i see no meat with abe. oh well. i find the juxtaposed comment funny for a different reason…since he’s in the magazine all the time.

    i say this all the time in this forum, i love any post where the artist draws the image, ryden is dope.

  6. I agree with 21’s comments, such a talented artist but a bit repetitive. In saying that you only need to look into his collection of Lincoln items to see he’s seriously obsessed – nothing wrong with that though 🙂

  7. I’m not going to hate on the art but I AM going to hate on the use of an apostrophe in “90’s”. You use an apostrophe to indicate possession or a contraction but never in the plural form of a word.
    “The Gay 90s” would be the correct way to write the title of this piece.
    It’s a typo that was pointed out many moons ago when this print first came out so I have an impossible time believing Ryden isn’t aware.
    The accidental apostrophe is simply lazy and as such I can’t take the work seriously.

    Carry on.

  8. Iron Jaiden is just upset because he’s gay.

  9. haha @coma.

    @iron- i agree 100%. i remember when this was first brought up ages ago. it does seem stupid, but maybe there is a reason for it.

  10. @ everyone else: he did secure a place for himself as the meat with girls guy. similar to banksy the stencil guy. obey the tracer guy. mccarthy the dino skeleton guy, on and on.

    i think it works well.

  11. Ryden’s going to be around for decades, there’s no need for him to breeze through subject matters. Predictable example, but look at Picasso; the dude spent 3 years painting in blue. Focus is a sign of legitimacy.

  12. “Focus is a sign of legitimacy”
    you had me up until that point. i think the guy is the real deal and authentic about his interests and passions, not to mention a master with oils, but his decade old “focus” is losing its luster. his “legitimacy” was established long ago with an original vision and as a technical master (as well as foothold in the various artistic communities). now it’s just a caricature of himself, like Jack Nicholson “acting” versus Jack just hamming up Jack. is anyone still as moved by Ryden as they were when they first saw him around 2000, maybe before? he used to impress me when he was innovating, and now i just merely respect him, if that’s such a bad thing

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