“My Favorite Monsters” Art Print Set by Alex Pardee

This is something that makes me very happy to be a print collector.  Alex Pardee’s “My Favorite Monsters” set includes nine 5″ x 7″ giclees for $65.  They are also available individually for $10 each.  Visit Zerofriends.com.

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  1. WANT!

  2. urge to buy rising…rising…

  3. lol thought the krueger was by neckface at first. great pieces, great price

  4. Oh that’s just all kindsa awesome.
    Picking up the full set for sure. For sure.

  5. The set was awesome. I saw alot of these in person at the PDX upper playground show. I almost bought the CUJO one, but my gf said i couldn’t… Ahh women…

  6. These are just all sorts of awesome. Having a hard time picking between the whole set, pick 3, or just the Alien though…

  7. The Thing rules. Good work AP

  8. ahhh man these are awesome

  9. nice. should also add that he put up some leftover prints from the tour.




  10. Thanks for the post, and thanks for the kind words, guys! A lot more of these are going to be available over time, as I already have over 40 finished! Stay tuned as there’s some OBSCURE and fun ones coming up:)

  11. These are sick had to pick them up, glad they aren’t super overpriced too.

  12. where’s sarah palin????

  13. @natronbomb Some of Alex Pardee’s work can be questionable to put on the walls (even though most of his work is brilliant, it’s not for a lot of people). But this collection isn’t bad at all. Your GF is cuckos magoos.

  14. My two year old calls Alex’s Basket Case poster “Huggy Monster” and William Stout’s Tar Man “Syrup Head”.

    It’s all about perspective :)

  15. @ Iron Jaiden and 13,

    It is all about perspective… At the same time i also own Alex Pardee’s original “Frida Kahlo was a faggot” and she thinks that is the funniest shit in the world.. So i dunno, to each his own i guess..

  16. Nice Images! Pity they are “giclees” – or photocopies, in essence.


  17. @paul: naw that’s not quite what a giclee is. A giclee is basically a high quality digital inkjet print of a work. A photocopy is an entirely different thing.
    As much as I love hella limited screen prints it’s sometimes nice to get in on a stress free open edition giclee run of a piece from a favorite artist like Pardee.

  18. No matter what anybody says about a photocopy/giclee

    simple alt P gets you a new one.
    Silk screening is a pain in the ass process.

    good art, but pass

  19. As a screen printer, I gotta say, spoon-on-the-ink-pull-the-scraper sometimes takes a lot less time than alt P, A good piece should be about the image, the idea, the passion.

    Process is what the academy brats pay thousands of dollars to whine about. Just give me an interesting image, who cares how it comes about.

    You don’t meet a great girl and ask her what position she was conceived in before you ask her out, do you?

  20. I feel like that last comment was a little harsh. You have to understand that back when screen printing was coming into fashion it was disparaged in the exact same way we condemn digital printing now. The printmaking community (consisting of engravers, intaglio printers, lithographers . . . etc) did not consider screen print a real form of art. It was too easy, you couldn’t achieve drawn tonality, the process was too “hands-off” to be high art. Now that we print digitally, screen print has moved down a rung on the ladder of “traditional” print media and has gained some credibility as a high art form. All the old anti-screen arguments have been projected towards computer printing with the same exclusive-procedural rhetoric and, thus, a new era of griping has commenced.

    My only complaint about giclee prints is the super pretentious-sounding French name. Most silk screens are not silk, but “silk” alludes to an expensively thought of commodity, so we call them “silk screens” like we’re fooling the patrons into semantically regarding the process above it’s reality. Let’s come up with a new name for giclees so it feels less deceptive in the market place and discontinues ill-informed arguments such as “they are just photocopies”.

  21. people are always underestimating the amount of work that goes into a good giclee. getting the printed colors to match the original painting is an artform, simple as.

  22. not normally a pardee fan but these are ace. if there is still any about when i get paid i will definitely be picking up a set

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