More Lost Prints by Ty Mattson

Ok, I would guess that this will be the last piece of ABC’s Lost poster campaign (so don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a Lost blog).  They have added the remaining seven entries in Ty Mattson’s poster series to the store.  They are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints for $45.95 each.  The Lost posters have been fun and interesting to watch, but let’s hope this is the end.  Visit

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  1. OMG FUK THIS SHOW 4 REAL!!1!1!!!!!!!11!ONE!!1!!

    Jussst jivin. Thanks for the (endless) heads up Mitch. As exhausting as the Lost print flood has been it really was pretty fun and will no doubt be remembered fondly by us print monkeys as the “LOST Assplosion of 2010, aka The Year of the Flipper, aka 20(lly)10(lly)” 🙂

  2. sometimes primitive is good.
    these are kinda expensive though

  3. now THESE are some brilliant Lost posters!

  4. these look like they were shit out in about 5 minutes each.

  5. time for….Flash Forward Prints….WOot WooOT!!!!!

  6. these don’t even hold a candle to the other two LOST series prints.

  7. Open-ended un-signed un-numbered ABC frantic cash grab that has no connection to the first two series from

  8. i’m sorry but there is nothing exciting about these prints.

  9. not for me…

  10. The LAX and Locke poster are pretty damn cool in my opinion.

  11. MORE LOST PRINTS?????? And here i was thinking the show, and all the associated print-work was finally done.. Guess not..

    And as far as the second round of prints are concerned, the only artist that gave a worthy image was Daniel Danger.. Him and only Him..

  12. This is another set of Small Stakes ripoffs. The two headed one is lifted directly from Jason Munn’s Books poster.

  13. As someone who really doesn’t like the show, I’ll be really glad if this is the last related poster drop.

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