Introducing…The Munkey (Poster Related…Kind Of)

Ok, so this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with actual posters, but poster artist Mike Klay invented it, and I happen to think that’s pretty awesome.  The Munkey is a rad little media stand that will hold the iPhone, iPod Touch, Droid, Zune, etc, while you watch movies.  It costs $29.95 and includes a strap and travel pouch.  Again, it’s pretty cool that someone we actually know has invented something.  Visit

5 Responses to “Introducing…The Munkey (Poster Related…Kind Of)”

  1. Gotta keep those advertisers happy!

  2. I had actually forgotten Mike was even a sponsor. I just thought it was cool and worth helping him out on. Shush your mouth.

  3. 1 word… LAME

    my 8th grade nephew can put something better than this together in his shop class….

    and, the poor kid only has 4 fingers…..

  4. Saw this posted in the Daniel Danger thread at GP and wondered what it was. I do believe I’m gonna need one of these.

  5. To clarify, the Munkey was shown in the thread without any media.

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