Already Sold Out: Olly Moss’ Lost Print

I was away doing some family stuff over the weekend, so I missed the drop of Olly Moss’ Lost print.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and was $50.  People seem to have generally liked last night’s finale, so this one should be pretty sought after.  To see the whole series, visit

6 Responses to “Already Sold Out: Olly Moss’ Lost Print”

  1. Totally rad finale to a totally rad show capped off with a totally rad print. 🙂

    Glad I got in on this and the Danger.

  2. I havnt watched the ending yet. I am going to sit down and start from the beginning to watch it all. I quit after season 3 so I am way behind.

    I also got this one and the Danger. Torn on selling it though, I could pay my car note for a month if I were to flip this. Decisions, decisions….

  3. wellll if anyone has a Danger Black Rock they no longer want I am very down to trade or buy it, I really dont want to give my money to someone who bought it just to put it on ebay.

  4. Gongrats to the flippers who got one. Gonna be a nice payday. My only problem is releasing the Moss print (which they knew was gonna be the most popular one) on a Saturday. I can check the web all day at work, but on a Saturday I got better stuff to do.

  5. Then you shouldn’t care.

  6. Well, if it was a Monday, I may have had a shot to buy it at $50 and flip it for $300.

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