Ken Taylor’s “Kate And Claire” Lost Print

The seventh Lost print is by Aussie favorite Ken Taylor.  “Kate And Claire” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 500, and is $50.  Visit

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  1. Ben, so sorry others may have mistakenly lumped you in with someone with an opinon and taste.
    Number one… this is not trash talking other than the fact that it is a mediocre print with less than mediocre subject matter.
    read my previous post. I have much respect for other LOST prints that actually capture the entire show as a whole that were done with a crazy amount of detail. This print (and many other Lost prints) is so specific that it makes someone who doesnt watch the show religiously, not intersted in it. and I want to be interested in what artists are doing…
    Number two… fucking kudos to the artist for the great sale now please go back to doing your regular shit.
    Number three… BEN dont try and fuckin dis on somebody to try and have everyone back you up cause you think your stickin up for the artists’ justice. i hate that shit on here and every other forum.
    and finally I’m an art collector. the only thing i am saying is i am ready to keep collecting… I just want these artists to do something besides LOST….. and this is the place I’m saying it.
    this is not a big fucking deal.

    ps i havent bought an EMEK print since flatstock ONE in san francisco . back when shit wasnt like this.

  2. thank god lost is over

  3. it really is creepy how much of a hold this show has on america. the end really is coming……

  4. @Tony: i know right?!?!11!!? Sooooooo glad this stupid show is finally over! Now America can get back to quality intellectually stimulating entertainment with shows like Dancing With the Stars, CSI: (your city here), Jersey Shore, and Desperate Housewives! If TV isn’t your thing you’ve always got stellar cinematic choices like Iron Man 2, MacGruber, and Shrek Ever After! Now of course for the upper rungs of the IQ ladder the printed page is the only form of narrative worth a damn so thank christ-on-a-pterodactyl for fine authors like Dan Brown, John Grisham, and Stephanie Meyer!

    LOST was like an intelligence vampire that’s been sucking the brains out of America for 6 years and last night it finally got the stake through it’s retarded heart it so well deserved.
    God the U.S.A!

    I’m gonna go watch Avatar and eat a box of twinkies now.

  5. ps. you know I got nothin but love for yah Tony 🙂

  6. mediocre? in my opinion this is the best print of the 2nd series, and in the top 3 overall from both series. if your not a fan of the show, i can understand you not getting it. i would think you would still respect it on an artistic level though. awesome work ken!

  7. If you think “Lost” was an “intelligence vampire”, you’re one of the people who didn’t get anything from the show. It’s just your opinion. Just as my opinion is that it started off extremely well and was made for intelligent audiences. As the seasons went on, it took a turn for the supernatural stuff and was even more complicated. Some people liked it and some people didn’t. While I wanted more realism to the story of “Lost”, the character development was well-done and the entire thing was so entertaining. I’m glad they had the balls to end it at a certain, predetermined time.

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