Keith Haring Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey’s newest art print depicts late artist Keith Haring.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $70.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, May 20th) at a random time.  Visit

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  1. Not sure I have much wallspace for a topless Keith Haring print. Still nice use of Illustrator

  2. I agree and never a big fan of Haring’s work.

  3. Nice use of illustrator. I like that he added small bits of Keith’s work. This best of his recent May Day portrait pics (i think), but i dont like Keith Haring’s work (although i respect him and know he is actually a great human being.)

    What i absolutely hate is the fact that literally EVERY original piece Shep does now has a print with an edition of at least 450 attached to it.. So now he sells the original for god knows how much, and adds another $30,000 bucks in prints..

    Next week, Basquiat? Iggy Pop?

  4. There are so many images of Keith, and this is the one that was chosen? 100% agree with Pig City on this.

  5. 70 bucks really? Where did that price all of a sudden come from? This is really getting nutty. Enough is enough. This isn’t even art anymore these should be sold at Spencer Gifts

  6. I think the $70 price is because it says “canvas print” rather than “screen print”. is this printed on canvas? The Ali print says both canvas and screen print so I don’t know.

  7. More weakness. I lost interest two years ago. Work like this erodes the value of my collection of earlier stuff. At least I sold my Obama on a high note.

  8. @Chris: No, it’s just a screenprint. It says canvas print because it was originally on canvas (I believe).

  9. I think it’s $70 because it’s a colab.

  10. it’s $70 because people will spend it as an investment. this work is garbage, he sucks now, it’s all a joke. anyone on this site with some hype could be as big as him. he got really lucky and now he’s cashing in.

    can’t blame him though, make it while you can obey.
    i say this every post, i miss the older work….but now i wish it would all just disappear.

    it’d be easy to ignore and not care, but when i see this garbage on here, it makes me angry and i feel the need to voice my opinion. He must (or have assistants) check out this site from time to time and know what his “fans” think.

    enough is enough. seriously.* oh yeah, and you’re a hack.

    i feel like this was posted before, but just incase….


    ps. even though i hate this crap, i just want to be clear, i really enjoy omg. i’m loving the new batch of postings….this makes me happy :)

  11. I want to see some of your work isaac. How talented are you? Show me something better. Shep put in the time how about you? Show me one thing that you’ve done.

  12. waaa waaa waaa… i’m full of hatorade… waaa waaa waaa… i’m jealous of his success so i must complain complain complain… waaa waaa waaa… garbage garbage garbage… waaa waaa waaa…

  13. hey i got much respect for artist that put in the time and do great work. i knew some tool out there would make a jealous comment. but i write on this blog all the time about the amazing artist on here. and for chris, click on my blue name, it’ll take you to my blog. now granted i’m sure you’ll say i blow at art, and that’s fine, you can say what you’d like. but the fact remains the people who dig my work are happy with what i put out. if enough people told me they felt i was ripping them off or producing crappy work, i’d re-look at things. and as for the “shep put time thing in”, he did, he did great work and now it sucks. it’s obvious no time goes into his work. it’s vector and he steals images.

    how can everyone flip out about the sam flores thing awhile back, but not obey? i don’t get it. in fact i give him more respect because he got called on it and apologized…….

  14. I must apologize for Isaac’s comments. He was released from the haterfest early. Just understand he is jealous of anybody whose art work is better than his. Take no offense to his comments. He has been diagnosed with an IQ of 38.

  15. @isaac…. guess what, the fact also remains the people who dig shepard’s work are happy with what he puts out.

  16. at what price though? eventually the fad will pass, and people that used to respect his work, will be moved on. look at other obey post in here and read what people write. just because people buy his art doesn’t mean anything. i’d guess most do it for flipping. just look on ebay. money in the bank…just like pokemon, magic the gathering, tickle me elmo, and comics with hologram covers….

    watch and see. it may be awhile, but in a few years people won’t be able to give those things away.

    give me horkey, jean, and danger, guys who really rock it. not this vector tracing crap….

  17. @isaac wrote “just because people buy his art doesn’t mean anything”

    oh really? it doesn’t mean anything? tell that to the thousands of people who showed up at the opening at deitch a few weeks ago. are you seriously comparing fairey’s work to pokemon, magic the gathering, tickle me elmo, and comics? how can an artist such as yourself be so completely ignorant? he’s been doing his thing for over 20 years and the demand for his work is higher than it ever has… and just two years ago he created an iconic image that happens to reside in the national portrait gallery because of the impact it had on the presidential election. last i checked, garbage artwork that sucks and fads don’t end up in history books. what have you ever done? oh that’s right, you went on a jealous rant about how life’s not fair on a blog – congratulations on that.

    envy’s a bitch.

    my only advice to you would be to just shut up before you make yourself look any dumber than you already have.

  18. ah, thats right,because he’s popular means it’s alright. the masses say it’s ok, so it’s ok. the fact remains just because people buy his debbie harry, may day flag and henry rollins prints says nothing. so he’s been doing street art for 20 years? and? so have a ton of other artists… as for his show, people also go in thousands to see brittany spears and the jonas brothers….it means nothing.

    the fact remains, which i don’t think you get, his work was stronger in the past. his work has no artistic merit right now…besides being popular (and his “change” poster…which was a stolen image…)

    he’s a hell of a businessman i’ll give him that. i love how you think i’m envious. not of him. his money maybe :)

    as for street artist i’m truly “envious” of, check out barry mcgee, dalek, swoon, fafi, kid acne…the list goes on and on. ..look at other art besides what’s on the covers at the local magazine stand. even though i do love chris ware and adrian tomine…google them if you need too.

    sooo…i do apologize for going all over the place with this one, so i’ll just lay it out…

    his older work is better
    his new work can be created by a first year graphics student
    people buying his artwork don’t mean a dang thing.
    better artist deserve his career
    he’s disrespecting fans that have followed his career by producing such bad work

  19. and lets toss this in just for fun :)

  20. Fairey is a plagiaristic hack. He does nothing but STEAL other people’s work. I agree with Isaac on this one. I wouldn’t spend any money on Fairey’s work, soley based on the facet that 1) it is stolen, and NON original. and 2) It will do nothing but deplete in value over a shote amount of time… similar to that of a brand spankin new hyundai… which are a dime a dozen.

  21. I don’t think Shep’s focus is on the prints at all any more. Just something to keep putting out to keep people interested in his work that actually pays, his collage work. These types of prints are great for the people who like his collage work, but will never be able to afford it (most of us).

    If you don’t care for his work, that’s fine. Just ignore it. Why spend so much time complaining about something you don’t like. Spend it enjoying something you do like.

  22. like drinking and ladies?

    rant over.

  23. I’m with u Isaac…unless ur like the biggest Keith haring fan in the world this print won’t sell for 40 bucks in a couple months. And I love how when he finally puts out a good print everyone is so wowed like it’s his first print ever blah blah blah

  24. When was the last time a Fairey print sold for under $40 on ebay?

  25. 180 south sold for $31 in april and henry rollins frequent flyer tour print sold on may 5th 2010 for $42.01 thats when the last time was. You can check it on EB if you’d like. just sayin

  26. Yo, what the fuck. Isaac is 100% entitled to his opinion and there is absolutely no reason to bash him or his art just because it differs from yours. You guys sound like a bunch of children. Do you in actuality think that you are going to alter his opinion by arguing with him?

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