New Lost Prints by The Little Friends of Printmaking and Jeff Boyes

The two newest prints for Lost are still available.  The Little Friends of Printmaking’s “Not Penny’s Boat” and Jeff Boyes’ “Desmond” are both screenprints with editions of 500 for $50 each.  There should be more dropping, maybe even one today, so keep an eye on

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  1. A little too ambitious with the edition sizes this time around.

  2. I’m just happy there’s some for eveyone this time.

  3. Daniel Danger print up! SICK!!!

  4. Another Danger up right now. This time for Richard and the Black Rock.

    I guess they’re not afraid to repeat artists, which means the four “new” artist are just people they didn’t use last time perhaps, not like up and comers, which is how I took it when announced.

  5. Danger. Alert. Danger. Alert. 😉

  6. on the fence..i like the danger print…im sure ill regret it if i dont pull the trigger

  7. I’m not really feeling this Danger…. Like the Desmond a lot though.

  8. @muschology seemed pretty clear:

    In celebration of LOST’s final season and to bring finality to the LOST poster series,8 top designers and artists, who are also fans of the show, were commissioned to create artwork celebrating top moments from the 6th and final season. 4 artists you may recognize, and 4 new artists to the campaign, created labor intensive, hand-pulled screen prints, limited to an edition of just 550, with 500 available to the public through our website. Once this limited edition print has sold out, they will never be printed again. Celebrate finality with this unique, signed and numbered piece of history.

  9. +1 on the Danger. It’s just too nice to pass up.
    Shit man I really can’t afford what I just bought.
    Anyone wanna buy an Olly Evil Dead for $65? 😉

  10. Danger sold out already. Wow. 500 run in the middle of the day? Glad I pulled the trigger for sure now.

  11. Iron jaiden,

    If you are serious, I will totally buy the OM Evil Dead. Just let me know how to contact you.

  12. iron jaiden, i will take your olly moss…
    email me.. if ur interested..

    Btw, WHY ARE PEOPLE ARTISTS STILL BEING COMMISSIONED FOR MAKING LOST PRINTS? what 10,000 posters devoted to a “mediocre at best” show not good enough?

    If this show is really that popular, im so scared for the future of the entire human race..


  13. Danger’s are gone.

  14. @natron: I was kinda joking about flipping my Evil Dead. If I really wanted to sell it I’d let eBay monkeys bid the thing up to an easy $150.

    also @natron: I’ve always found statements like that to be absurd at best. One man’s “great story” is another’s “mediocre-at-best story”. The medium by which the story is delivered has nothing to do with its inherent quality.
    Would you automatically assume the latest dime store trashy romance novel is better than the John Adams mini-series from HBO simply because one took the form of printed work and the other aired on the “idiot tube”?
    I’d be interested to know what visual works of fiction you find worthy of praise enough to make such a bold statement about Lost.

    Or were you just being a douche? I can dig that :)

  15. Glad I looked at this again after lunch to grab one of the Dangers. I havnt really watched the show since the 3rd season, but i just liked the print.

  16. There’s a new Lost-related, Danger print? Was this being sold through the DCAAPB site and it’s now no longer being displayed since it sold out? Or was it sold through another site?

  17. re: just me

    It was sold on the DCAAPB site but now it is gone.


    There’s the Danger print if anyone missed it at DCAAPB earlier.

  19. Well, hmmmm, that’s really rather annoying. Why not leave the poster up there and indicate it’s sold out?

    If you’ll excuse me; perhaps some puppy-kicking will improve my mood…

  20. @ rickker.

    Yeah, I just took “you may recognize” as something different, like well-known artists, not repeats. But I did glance over the description as it really doesn’t matter much to me, I’m in whether it’s a repeat artist or not. Should’ve just read it better. And i’m definitely not complaing about a Danger, who is one of my favorites.

    Now bring on the EMEK, Burwell, maybe another Tan being I missed the first one, and I’ll be happy. I love collecting prints of mediocre-at-best television :) Well, from the DCAAPB collection anyways…

  21. I’m mostly annoyed because I thought it had been informally established that prints would be dropping daily at 1:08pm PST. Silly, silly me… Oh well, experiential learning drives it home I guess.

  22. mr natronbomb: why are artists still being commissioned to do LOST posters? because the first 10,000 sold out.

    figured that was obvious.

    thanks all. i like boats. this was fun.

  23. Yeah, can’t wait to see this one in person dd. Looks great.

    @ just me. I got mine shortly after 10a when it first showed up, which would’ve been 1:08p EST I guess. Maybe it’s just 1:08p somewhere? Interesting though.

  24. I like turtles

  25. @ iron jaiden. I am a douche.. probably just being a douche. lol

    that being said.. I completely agree with you, one mans trash is another mans treasure. Shows on T.V. are very relative to their fan-base. I personally have NEVER enjoyed fictionalized series on T.V. (except maybe “breaking bad”.) There are WAY to many actors that can make, or break shows, and as they progress in seasons, they seem to become more unbelievable and more about cameos and special effects.

    I personally enjoy cartoon series (mostly south park). Cartoons allow the writers to freely write subject matter because a non-human entity cannot be chastised in the media for saying or doing something risque. Only the writers can be held accountable (ie the newest South Park episode where Islamic extremists threatened to KILL Trey Parker and Matt Stone for providing their own visual representation of Muhammad.)

    Honestly, i don’t really watch T.V. I like to read books. Way more of em, way better stories, and u get to imagine what the characters look like and act in your mind, instead of half-ass Hollywood shells.

    Also @ dd

    Paris Hilton made a musical CD. It has sold over 400,000 copies in the U.S. and 2,000,000 copies world wide.. Does that mean that its good? worthy? breathtaking? NO!! IT JUST MEANS THAT 2,000,000 PEOPLE ARE STUPID AS FUCK…



  26. @dd: I think the black rock story was one of the most well told and intriguing of the whole series, glad you picked this one. Even if you drew it because of a boat fetish you killed it for sure and made my living room that much nicer to look at. Gracias.

    @natron: right on, to each their own.

  27. Quality seems a bit lower this time round – getting a bit tired of seeing the same old livetrace poster- hopefully the new posters bring the standard up a bit now.

  28. iron jaiden, let me know if you’re interested on selling your Olly Evil Dead poster. email me at

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