Lost Posters Round Two – Prints by Kevin Tong and Mike Mitchell (So Far)

Looks like there is a whole new batch of Lost posters coming, including a handful that are available right now.  Kevin Tong did three different posters for the “Lost Live” event last night.  They are all 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 300, and are $50 each.  Mike Mitchell did a play on his Coco image for “I’m With Jacob”, an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 815 for $50.  There are also a number of t-shirts available, including a great one by Olly Moss.  Visit DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com.

26 Responses to “Lost Posters Round Two – Prints by Kevin Tong and Mike Mitchell (So Far)”

  1. Grabbed two shirts and the tote, now I can’t wait to see the eight new posters.

  2. Love that Olly shirt. No can do though. Blew the grocery money on Olly’s Evil Dead print yesterday.

    *le sigh*

  3. no one here feeling the prints?

  4. I didn’t attend the event, so I don’t need one of the “Lost Live” prints. What I’m really interested in are the eight mystery prints yet to be revealed…

  5. I really like the Kevin Tong prints, especially the Jack one..

  6. This album is blowing my mind right now…

    Buck 65 Will Live Forever !
    Right now, I’m listening to; The Good, The Bad & The Queen, and feeling good…
    Bob Marley!

  7. the kevin tong posters are terrible, but i like the Jacob one, and the Olly Moss shirt. picked up both. cant wait to see whats next!

  8. i absolutely love the kevin tong posters. the jacob poster is horrible though

  9. I got one of the Tong Alamo Drafthouse prints he did a few months ago…. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to pick one of these Lost Live prints right now for $50 I’ll tell you they will be much more impressive in person and likely to sell out once the 8 start dropping and the Losties get back into their pocket books…. just my opinion not trying to drive the hype

  10. Wish they had done a poster for the Moss design.

  11. Yeah I thought there would be a little more hype. I guess these aren’t the “official” 8 posters, but their still part of the series.

  12. Drive shaft shirt made me laugh.

  13. Yeah, that Olly Moss shirt is killer.

    Sad to say this will be my third LOST t-shirt… But probably the best.

  14. “the kevin tong posters are terrible”

    really? kind of harsh. theyre pretty awesome/well executed imo

  15. First of the 8 up!

  16. It’s good but Charlie looks angry for some reason. He wasn’t angry in that episode, he was desperate to do one good thing before he died (which was to warn Desmond about Whitmore’s boat).
    I’m gonna wait and see what the other 7 look like. Here’s hoping for either a sick ass Sayid “Karate Assassin” or a cool “Locke-ness” Monster print. :)

  17. Nice work Mr. Tong!

  18. This isn’t the season three “Not Penny’s Boat” scene, it’s the season six episode where Charlie and Desmond drive off the pier in the sideways timeline.

    It’s kind of too bad that all eight new posters will only be from episodes in the sixth season–there are plenty of moments from earlier in the series (especially seasons four and five) that didn’t get covered in the original set of 16 posters.

  19. dylansdad: good call. Just realized these last 8 are all from season 6. And I agree with you that seasons 4 and 5 are terribly under-represented in print.
    I will say the first artist to nail a good “cork in a wine bottle” print gets my $50 for sure. That episode was one of the best of the series.

  20. Iron Jaiden: on my second printing of my Ab Aeterno print. and its only $40 :)


  21. Here’s one for $40.

  22. I agree….cork in a wine bottle better be done

  23. New one up by Jeff Boyes.

    Just not feeling these, so far.

  24. would be nice if they had shirts in an XXL…

  25. I hope there’s one with Juliet. Looks like she’ll never be covered.

  26. i think i just got the last DD print sweet

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