Guy Burwell’s Pearl Jam Poster

Well, let the frenzy begin, I think this one is going to be crazy.  Guy Burwell’s poster for last night’s Pearl Jam show is a 17.5″ x 23.5″ six color screenprint with an artist edition of 100.  No onsale details are available, and Guy is super busy, so please don’t start bugging him yet.  I just had to post this though, it is truly one of the most beautiful posters I’ve seen so far in 2010.  Keep an eye on

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  1. What a beauty! Guy kills it with that one! Bye bye Ames Bos.

  2. Puts Ames to shame

  3. Sick poster, Ames is a different beast, cant compare

  4. Yeah, Ames is a different beast and an unfair comparison in my opinion as well. Doing a one-off is a bit different than 20-30 dates on a tour. Ames prints are quick and easy anymore I think, making the really great ones fewer and farther between.

    This is very nice though and I think puts quite a few to shame depending on your likes and dislikes. Sure wish my Black Keys from the Crystal looked like this one…

  5. SIX colors? How the? I want to see this thing close up, process thread on GP please! =)

  6. Guy makes me proud to be from Portland…

  7. Not trying to be negative, but from a design (not process) standpoint, this is hard to look at….. Too many gradients, bad type etc. Maybe just not my cup of tea.

  8. Type fits the theme of the poster methinks, gradients are tough to judge before we see some detailed shots of the printing, I would hold on with any judgement until we get a much closer look at this thing.

  9. Makes me proud to be from Portland Too.. Although its TOUGH to sell art here..

  10. Guy is a wizard w/ the overprinting color to mix. The one we did for him at Nakatomi was VERY educational. I’m sure this’ll look even more amazing in person.

  11. Oh snap! I’m guessing this will cause some new folks to jump on the Burwell bandwagon. This design rules, and I can’t wait to see the print-job too…

  12. awesomeness

  13. This poster is so bad ass. I’m so happy I went went road tripping from KC through Buffalo.

    I’m lookin forward to Justin’s poster. hopefully justin will get Hartford

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