Tyler Stout’s Iron Man 2 Poster (Tyler’s Copies Onsale Info)

Yes, two posts in a row about Iron Man 2 posters.  What, would you rather NOT know?  Tyler Stout will be selling copies of his posters tonight.  As written below, the regular is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 515, and will be “around” $48.  The variant is has an edition of 130 and will be “around” $83.  They go up tonight (Wednesday, May 5th) “sometime after” 8pm PST.  Make sure you have an account set up in advance and visit Tyler’s Etsy Shop.

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  1. I like how I’m on his mailing list and I didn’t receive the f-ing email they were going on sale yesterday. Thanks a bunch! I hope all the marvel fanboys didn’t leave a single print for the real collectors *sarcasm*

  2. worst experiance! worse than obey pattern releases!

  3. I was up at 4am, live in the UK and had the exact same problems as all of you. Straight in as soon as it was listed, commit to buy, a stitch has gone awry. From the 20 or so times I went through checkout in that hour, I got can’t ship to UK, looks like it’s sold out with 148 left and gateway error.

    I think I would of preferred it to have just sold out quickly than what happened. Just made it more infuriating when you realise the website has messed up somewhere and is stopping you complete your transaction.

    Maybe eBay should be the place for artists to sell their work, would that server work better maybe?

  4. lol ebay..imagine that? a seller puts up 50 posters at once and everyone just has to goto buy it now quickly

  5. Wow, you people are fucking exhausting sometimes. Do you realize how many people are trying to buy his posters? He’s experimenting to find a way that will work, I’m sure he’ll find one eventually. Trust me, as someone that has dealt with the same thing, it is almost impossible to find a reasonably priced way to sell something to 1000+ people at once. He’ll figure it out, give him a break. Jeez.

  6. well said mitch… give tyler a break.. He hates this as much as anyone. Unfortunately with his huge following there is no great way to do it. Folks will complain no matter how he does it..

  7. wow. if you thought that this was going to be an easy sale you were kidding yourself. that image has been all over the nerd blogs all week, poster nerds wanted it, comic nerds wanted it, movie nerds wanted it. hell, it was even up on aint it cool, and if i remember last time aicn posted a mondo poster, the wolfman ones, that sale was also a cluster fuck.
    tyler’s work just gets more popular with every release, if he did a reprint of this the same people asking for it would be the same people bitching that he is reprinting a poster just to make money, you do it to tim doyle everytime he reprints something.
    just wait a bit, the ebay prices will go down, for all his recent releases they seem to.

  8. So I guess there’s no true point in being on neither Tylers’ nor Mondos mailing list. Mondo doesn’t send an email when their stuff is released and neither does Tyler, AWESOME!. . . I love my life.

  9. It’s not Tyler’s fault. I was mainly criticising the etsy site tbh. It just baffled me with all the errors it gave out which weren’t true. Fair play to tyler for trying a way to make it fair for everyone to have a shot.

    It was just etsy.

  10. Wow you kids are such bitches sometimes.

    Let’s do a little math;
    Mr. Stout wants to sell his posters.
    He only has about 500 available.
    Several thousand babies would each like one.
    How many posters does each baby get?

    Yeah yeah I know, Etsy betrayed you somehow. Here’s an idea. Email Etsy support and explain your experience in a calm and rational way and wait for a response. While you’re waiting for said response brew yourself a nice cup of chai, sit someplace comfy, wipe the tears from your eyes and GET. FUCKING. OVER IT.

    Tyler: amazing print (as usual), shame the movie kinda sucks. Now for christ’s sake please get back in your Delorean and make a proper 24×36 Last Starfighter poster. Don’t matter if anyone’s screening the movie this year just do it for fun dude! Those Grig prints are such a tease! 😉

    Mitch: you got nice eyes

  11. Ganbatte, Mitch!

    So, what is the story with reliable, high-traffic-capable, carting systems? Lots of pricey options? Few pricey options? I can’t imagine it’s no options…

  12. There are options, but it’s more about actually finding them. From what I can tell, getting a custom-built shopping cart site with cloud-based hosting is probably the way to go. Not cheap or easy though.

  13. 1000 people, that’s it?

  14. 1000 people trying to buy 200 posters means 4/5 of them are going to bitch.

  15. Honestly I don’t see why Tyler would want to go through the effort (financially and administratively) to create a fool proof reliable commerce capable website for the handful of high profile drops a year he has to deal with.
    Dude’s an artist, not an “e-businessman”.
    You dorks are gonna bitch no matter what the guy does because you somehow think you “deserve” a copy of any limited edition print you F5 for all day.

    I love you fools but honestly Tyler ain’t havin problems selling out of his work and 500+ people have Iron Man 2 prints in the mail. I don’t see the issue and as nice a dude as Tyler is I’d be surprised if he does either 🙂

  16. Look at all the fucking assholes already selling prints on ebay


    they haven’t even shipped, they’re basically selling overpriced promises

  17. he showed me the copy he had of the iron man poster and it is so AWESOME up close..oh and if u guys havent figured it out yet, tyler “hides” images in his posters. for example: he has a daughter named clover(my cousin) so he hides a clover somewhere in almost all his posters. pretty kool huh?:)

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