Nate’s Pick #4: Jen Skelley

It has been a few weeks since we did a Nate’s Pick (where Nate Duval helps me discover and share artists he’s into), so let’s get back to it.  This week’s pick is Jen Skelley.  For full disclosure, she is actually Nate’s fiance, which is even more awesome.  She has a TON of adorable art prints, monogram prints, children’s clothing, etc for sale.  This stuff is perfect for kids’ rooms, girlfriends, and nice guys alike.  Check out her Etsy Shop.

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  1. I really enjoy the Nate’s Picks as they periodically come. I hope he is able to continue it for a long time. Sometimes in the poster business, I feel there is a general “boyishness” to the prints that get a lot of publicity. But his selections have a more feminine whimsy.

    It’s cool to see the variety.

  2. isn’t he married to her…

  3. isn’t he married to her…

  4. wow love those fishies… Jen & Nate rule.

  5. Well damn. Just when I said I wouldn’t spend another dime on prints this season here we go with these adorable pieces. I’ve got a two and a half year old boy and a soon-to-be newborn girl who will be sharing a bedroom and I’m in need of things to make that room beautiful.
    Somebody’s Etsy shop is gonna get raided next week 🙂

  6. I can definitely see that there is a connection there =) Both in subject matter (the street print) and the color choices on 2, 4 and 5.

    I believe Nate prints with housepaint, so I guess they share their stock of “ink”, haha. I wonder if their house/apartment has the same tones? =)

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