Giveaway: Band-Signed Yeasayer Poster by Status Serigraph (Plus His Mystery Tube Sale)

Once again, we’ve got a great giveaway for the readers of OMGPosters.  To celebrate the launch of his mystery tube sale (read below for that), Justin Helton aka Satus Serigraph has asked me to give one lucky reader a band-signed copy of his recent Yeasayer poster.  To enter, just leave something in the comments.  Only enter once, I will be checking the entries.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it may be awaiting moderation.  The contest will last approximately 24 hours, I will announce a winner tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Huge thanks to Status Serigraph for the giveaway!!! Good luck!

EDIT:  Using the random number generator at, the lucky commenter was determined to be #207.  Congratulations Zach, you’ve been contacted.  Thanks to everyone that entered!!!

Also, Justin will launch a really great mystery tube sale today.  You get four prints (could be posters, art prints, test prints, sold out stuff, etc) for only $40.  This goes live today (Monday, April 26th) at 10am EST.  Visit Status Serigraph.

228 Responses to “Giveaway: Band-Signed Yeasayer Poster by Status Serigraph (Plus His Mystery Tube Sale)”

  1. Pleaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I say YES!!!

  3. Here I am again !!!
    Nice print ! Currently googling to find out what “Yeasayer” is ?
    Oh, it’s a band !!


  4. Lucky #3….good luck everyone!

  5. this would be N I C E ! :) good luck everyone

  6. Hook me up

  7. I’m in

  8. …thanks as always!

  9. Looks great, thanks for the opportunity!

  10. sweet!!!

  11. I love contests! Thanks again Mitch!

  12. This is awesome. These contests always make the morning a little brighter. Thanks, Mitch!

  13. Sweet print, I’ll toss my hat in the ring :)

  14. everyone likes a freebie

  15. Ja ja ja ja

  16. What can I say…my wish is to win :)

  17. I just ran across this blog. I am just starting to expand my collection and am looking for insight and education. Looks like a great place to find both.


  18. Really good band, really cool poster.

  19. enter me please….one of these days i’ll win something

  20. Aces print aces band.

  21. Have a good start to the week everyone…

  22. I am the winner!!!!

  23. Count me in! *Fingers crossed*

  24. So great !
    Thanks : )

  25. i wish i was like you…easily amused.

  26. I’m in……

    thanks Justin…
    …and Mitch!

  27. Giddyup

  28. Beautiful poster

  29. I like it!

  30. Woo Hoo!

  31. Como on lucky number ?
    SS, and Mitch?

  32. mepleasemepleasemepleasemepleasemeplease

  33. Cool Poster, would love to win it!

  34. looks awesome and yeasayer one of my favorite bands right now. seeing them next week here in Baltimore.

  35. Hari OmmmmmmG! Thank you!!

  36. never heard of SS before, but im impressed already

  37. cool band like to poster too

  38. Pick me!

  39. Thanks for the giveaway

  40. something

  41. Great Work
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  42. Neato

  43. something

  44. I like to look at posters.

  45. comment!

  46. thanks

  47. Cool giveaway yet again. Thanks Mitch.

  48. Here’s my comment!

  49. I got a weasel!

  50. This is worth the Wait for the Summer. Thanks Mitch

  51. Really hope I win this

  52. Just saw them last night in Omaha and there wasn’t a gig poster to buy. This can make things right.

  53. Awesome poster! I love Yeasayer!

  54. Love Yeasayer…sign me up

  55. I like eggs and posters!

  56. i love yeasayer and i love this sickass poster. gimme gimme gimme!

  57. Ohhh… gimme, gimme, gimme!

  58. thanks!

  59. Hello.

  60. Cheers guys!

  61. Holy crap, I want this!

  62. hey thats cool

  63. Thanks!

  64. looks good Justin.

  65. Good tunes, great poster!!!

  66. Oh hell yes.

  67. Thanks!

  68. whoop whoop count me in

  69. Hi, I want it ! It’s great !

  70. With No Power Comes No responsibility!

  71. Great Poster!!

  72. Very cool

  73. Cool poster – cool band – can’t go wrong

  74. I love you Anand.

  75. thank you for considering me

  76. yeasayer is gooood

  77. so many good giveaways lately! thanks!

  78. Ooo i like i like!

  79. FFRRREEEEE you say!

  80. Love this Print.. Thanks!

  81. Cool band, cool poster :)

  82. Good Luck everybody

  83. pick me!

  84. thanks!

  85. I love a good contest!!

  86. Great band. Cool Poster! I’ll be seeing them next week in NYC. Would love to win the print. Cheers!

  87. cool print, sweet sound, great gesture

  88. one of the best bands i saw here in S.F during our Faux-Chella week.. My BGFE would love this, even tho its not from the show we were at, it would still be a rad gift.. Please oh please pick me!

  89. OMG! a giveaway…

  90. Thanks Mitch! Always love free stuff.

  91. Free stuff rocks!

  92. Count me in

  93. me likey free

  94. just give it to me already…

  95. Sign me up.

  96. SHAZAM!

  97. I would very much enjoy winning this poster…

  98. “… you’re my assistant, ok … you’re supposed to back me up and get me juice boxes when I tell you, now go get me a juice box …”

  99. Status Serigraph is so badass, I want this.

  100. Sign me up buttercup!

  101. awesome!!

  102. GO GO GO GO GO!

  103. Agreed, that’s pretty awesome.

  104. Very Nice Print.

  105. Nice one… im in!

  106. yeasayer are awesome.

  107. Yeah!

  108. Nice print!

  109. Coachella 2010!!! Yeasayer psycherocked my brains out! :]]

  110. FTW!

  111. This is so cool! God I love the contests you guys do! ::fingers crossed::!!!

  112. Saw Yeasayer play with MGMT a few years ago in a small venue in San Diego and haven’t stopped listening since. C’mon baby! Papa needs a new show poster!

  113. loves it!

  114. These guys r amazing just back from coachella and they were one of the best.

  115. Awesome band (especially their first album) Would love to have this print in my house!

  116. Yes please!

  117. win!

  118. Maybe another Justin will win, and this time it will be this Justin!

  119. in it to win it!

  120. awesome..very very awesome!

  121. Thanks for the contest guys.

  122. A delicious goody I can’t resist!

  123. Hey guys anyone that doesn’t win the contest can still pick up the poster in my online store…thanks for the support!

  124. Want the RJD2 one awesome 😀

  125. i need to win one of these soon

  126. love yeasayer. seen em live a few times.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  127. *crosses fingers*

  128. great contest; thanks!

    just bought the mystery tube. it’d be fiscally responsible to give it to me so you could just pop it in the same tube as the others and save on shipping.


  129. Would be stoked to win this

  130. me me me me me

  131. here we go agian

  132. Rock Rock Planet Rock

  133. Sweet! Thanks for the giveaway

  134. Ooh, I love yeasayer. This is beautiful.

  135. Classic Intercourse.

    I’m in it to win it.

  136. Boss Poster, good to see someone else still rocks their spirograph.
    Check out O.N.E. by Yeasayer if you haven’t
    congrats winner!


  138. YEAH I SAY!!!!

  139. That’s a mighty handsome poster.

  140. IN

    yeasayer are sick

  141. Yo, I love Yeasayer. Man, I want this!

  142. Yeasayer IS pretty amazing…

  143. Lucky 98th!? This would be a cracking present for my boyfriend’s birthday in a few weeks, pick me pick me!!

  144. A very cool
    print! Thank you! :)

  145. I say yea

  146. boy howdy

  147. badda bing badda boom

  148. Pot smoke and Screenprinting for life! i want one!

  149. Yes please!

  150. Very nice print!!! Good Luck everyone :)

  151. :] i like pizza

  152. Awesome!! Fingers crossed :)

  153. Let the numbers roll…

  154. Love the Yeasayer poster!

  155. sounds and looks good to me.

  156. In!

  157. Looks cool!!!

  158. Yeasayer FTW!

  159. Thanks MITCH

  160. What a gorgeous print! I’d love to be the lucky fellow to win this beaut.

  161. thanks Mitch

  162. I think Mitch is neato

  163. Hells yes!

  164. Hell yes. Yeasayer is one of my favorite groups — the new album is spectacular.

  165. gimme gimme 😀

  166. Signed sealed delivered to me!

  167. Nice looking wares… thanks for the offer!

  168. Wow! I need that!

  169. do it to it, lars.

  170. I’m waving all the way from Sweden.
    Choose me!

  171. very nice

  172. Posting from work, hope I don’t get fired D:
    yeasayer rulz

  173. I’ll try again.

  174. Epic print! They were one of the best performances at Coachella…glad to see they’re getting the attention they deserve.

  175. yes please!


  177. great looking peice

  178. Kapow!

  179. count me in

  180. heck yea!

  181. Any relation to Leo? In, regardless.

  182. in to win

  183. “Never gave a thought to an honorable living
    Always had sense enough to lie
    It’s getting hard to keep pretending I’m worth your time”



  185. Say yea!

  186. Nice poster. Id love the band signed copy.

  187. Great Print!!!!!!

  188. Geez Thanks Again!!

  189. Thanks Mitch! I’ll play.

  190. nice!

  191. Wow. Really good stuff Mitch.

  192. thanks

  193. Yes please!

  194. Yeasayer rules.

  195. <3 OMGposters even though you enable me spending too much money

  196. Thanks for the giveaway Justin and Mitch. Good luck to all.

  197. Give’R to me….

  198. Word.

  199. comments comments comments

  200. very nice

  201. I hope ^he wins!

  202. Love Yeasayer. Make me a winner!

  203. i want that.

  204. Big money!

  205. pick me

  206. XOXO

  207. Yeasayer! Yeah!

  208. Yes please!

  209. YEA SAY IS ME

  210. YEA SAY IS ME

  211. Yeasayer’s the best! And this poster is rad.

  212. total dot nose.

  213. GO VOLS

  214. Holy Guacamole! This would be utter awesomeness…hope I’m not too late!

    ps: anyone got any tips for a wannabe poster designer…drop by my site and send me a mail :)

  215. Upon setting eyes on this poster, my sphincter experienced an explosion of delight. That rarely occurs. What?

  216. i’d love to have this print…thanks!

  217. just give it to me

  218. What a killer looking print!!! This blog always makes me happy, quickly becoming my main source in making my room my own museum/gallery!!


  219. Would be cool.

  220. Great print, great band

  221. i LOVE this poster!

  222. Justin makes great prints!

  223. Cute print !!

  224. yummy. i like it hot…

  225. Something

  226. I should probably be asleep but instead I’ve been looking at prints. Winning this would be like a reward for insomnia.

  227. Nice poster. Thanks for the giveaway.

  228. GL!

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