Brian Morris Signature Yo-Yo from Steve Brown Gallery

I love when companies think of creative new ways to work with artists, and this collaboration between Steve Brown Gallery and Brian Morris definitely falls into that category.  This wood laser-engraved yo-yo has an edition of 30, will cost $20, and goes up Thursday, April 29th at a random time.  Keep an eye on

8 Responses to “Brian Morris Signature Yo-Yo from Steve Brown Gallery”

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaalll over it

  2. thats pretty bad ass!

  3. Whoa! That’s a cool ass yo-yo. Totally gonna try and score one.

  4. All over it

  5. I want one I been checking all morning. I hate random release times 🙁

  6. Up … still available since about 1PM (MDT)

  7. got mine! sold out in a few hours. Can’t wait to get it and hopefully will get the print too.

  8. Managed to grab one of these. They sold-out in a couple of hours!

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