World Wildlife Fund Prints by Natronbomb

Once again, Natronbomb is auctioning off some cool mixed media pieces for charity.  This one is a 22″ x 30″ spraypaint/stencil print with an edition of 5 (each is totally unique).  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund, specifically benefiting keystone species’.   Additionally, the three highest bidders will receive one of these new skeletal prints he just completed.  It’s a cool thing for a great cause.  Check out the auctions at

6 Responses to “World Wildlife Fund Prints by Natronbomb”

  1. Thanks again Mitch, couldn’t do it without ya.. Please check em out guys, and help a great cause..

  2. Ill be bidding on one of them for sure, my girlfriend is a huge WWF supporter and her birthday happen to be next month. Perfect timing!

  3. R the backs signed or are those additional pieces. I like those ones!

  4. No, they are the same print. Each one is reversible, and signed/numbered and individualized on the back of the print.

    @ Baker- Your GF must be a pretty cool lady, i hope this print would make her happy

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.

  5. My Ebay store is located here.. Check em out..

  6. i mean here

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