Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey’s Collaborative Art Print (Process Thread)

A lot of you probably already know about this, but if you’re just finding out about it now, you’re in for a treat.  Over the past several days, Aaron Horkey and Jay Ryan have been working on a collaborative art print, documenting the process as they go.  It’s up to 22 colors so far with just a few more to go.  No sale info yet, but I’ll surely keep you posted.  This should be wrapped up today, so have fun flipping through the thread at Gigposters.com.

Note:  This is not the finished print, still a few colors to go:

16 Responses to “Jay Ryan and Aaron Horkey’s Collaborative Art Print (Process Thread)”

  1. Ho-leee crap. Wow.

  2. I really, really hope they hold the on-sale til the first of the month.


  3. If you can endure some of the imbecilic posts on the Gig Poster’s thread, there are some great process photos.

    This print is going to be incredible.

  4. goddamn

  5. I don’t know about y’all but this magic makes me wanna put my dick in the mashed potatoes… beautiful work!

  6. Im reallllly hoping this print comes out before I leave the country for 10 days and wont have a computer with me….

  7. Baker will be pleased, Michael will not.

    Print is dropping on Monday, 12:00 PM Chicago Time

  8. Fuckin’ magnets! How do they work?

    Nothing but miracles on this piece…

    (Couldn’t help it, sorry.)

  9. Daaaamn, what is this like 20+ color screenprint?

  10. I think it finished on 25 screens total .

  11. Saltwater, I guess your sense of humor wasn’t printed on archival paper… If I were you, I’d get a partial refund from the reseller.

  12. I will beg, steal, or borrow to get my hands on this… well maybe not steal, but definitely beg and borrow 🙂

  13. $300 for the regular
    $600 for Horkey title and hand embellishments by Ryan

    plus editions for subscribers, the APs, etc.

  14. And they go up tomorrow (Monday) at 12.00 (CDT) at the bird machine.

  15. Edition size is 130 for the regular and 20 for the embellished, of these, 120 and 12 will be for sale tomorrow. The final print ended up at 25 screens.

  16. Thanks for the update. Hope I can get one of the regulars!

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