New Art Prints and Concert Posters by Landland

Over the last couple of months, the duo at Minneapolis design studio Landland have somehow managed to get exponentially better (and they were already great).  For one thing, they’ve started experimenting with turning their watercolor paintings into CMYK screenprints with stunning results (seriously, you’ve got to see that first art print below in person).  Besides that though, they are just creating some of the most beautiful, original, and imaginative hand-printed screenprints of just about anyone working today.  Ask anyone that already collects their prints, you will get hooked.  Their stuff is always reasonably priced, and they just added a TON of new things to the store.  Grab some at

4 Responses to “New Art Prints and Concert Posters by Landland”

  1. Only one good use for that empty pool……

  2. i’m really digging this work… gotta love the cmyk

  3. We picked up a bunch of this at flatstock sxsw. Its absolutely amazing. Really nice folks too. Give them all your money. You wont be sorry for long

  4. […] how I told you that you should really be buying posters and art prints from Landland the other day?  Well, […]

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