Art Prints by Koren Shadmi

I just got the heads up about these awesome art prints by Brooklyn artist Koren Shadmi.  The prints are all 13″ x 19″ giclees for $50 each.  There are a ton available, so check out the full selection at

5 Responses to “Art Prints by Koren Shadmi”

  1. this is what i’m talking about. that light eater image is kick a$$. check out this guys comic stuff too, nice work. never heard of him before, but i’m going to check his book out.

    rock and roll.

  2. i agree; these and the spoon posters are a great way to start the week!

  3. Really great find.

  4. god dame amazing. sucks I don’t collect giclee

  5. Haven’t heard of this guy before, but, Wow! Picking up that Light Eater!

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