Giveaway: Win Handiedan’s New Art Print!!!

Everyone seems to love you guys, they always want to give you free stuff.  Phone Booth Gallery is offering the readers of OMGPosters the chance to win this newly-unveiled art print by Handiedan, “Anime No. 1”.  It’s a 16.5″ x 21.7″ giclee with an edition of 50.  The lucky winner will receive number 50/50.  Details for the regular onsale should be posted sometime next week.  To enter, just leave something in the comments for this post.  Only comment once, I will be checking.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, most have to sit in moderation until I approve them.  The contest will be open for approximately 48 hours.  I will announce a winner on Thursday morning.  HUGE thanks to Phone Booth Gallery for this giveaway. Good luck!!!

Update:  Using the number generator at, I came up with comment number 480.  This means Justin is the winner, congrats, I’ll be in touch.  To those people that I caught trying to enter under 8-10 different names, fuck off.

927 Responses to “Giveaway: Win Handiedan’s New Art Print!!!”

  1. first! i deserve one for staying up this late (3:20am) pst.

  2. yea free prints!

  3. Me please!

  4. I love this!


    commenting for it to be MINE!

  5. pick me pick me pick me!!! please….

  6. Awesome detail, Very cool!

  7. Woooooow!!!!

    Simply incredible cuality print…



  8. …yikes! this is a great one! thanks PBG and OMG!

  9. Oh yea … another sweet contest from OMG!!

  10. Thanks again, Mitch.

  11. can i get a free leg up

  12. Great print.

  13. thanks OMG

  14. Is that my wife?

  15. hey, nice job!

  16. Smashing stuff!

  17. i really hope its my turn to win. i’d love another one of her pieces for my collection.

  18. Please!

  19. what an amazing print. so vintage and yet so fresh!
    definately hoping to get this on my wall!

  20. great, thanks OMG and Phone Booth Gallery ~~~

  21. This really looks great!

    I’m ready to receive it on the other side of the Atlantic!

  22. Yes please.

  23. in it to win it…

  24. That print is amazing. Thanks for offering it!

  25. I always wanted one of these

  26. Great print. Fingers crossed!

  27. really, really sweet!!!!!

  28. This is a beauty!

  29. Entering, thanks :)

  30. Awesome giveaway Mitch!

  31. Count me in !

  32. thanks!

  33. Looks great, would love one of these on my wall. Cheers

  34. Want.

  35. Beautiful!

  36. woot woot!

  37. Lovely new print by Handiedan. You go girl!



  38. Another great print by Handiedan

  39. Awesome contest! Thanks guys!

  40. Keep up the good work Mitch! Awesome giveaway!

  41. Excellent giveaway !!
    Big thanks to Phone Booth Gallery !!!

  42. Cooll print

  43. i was hoping this was screenprinted, but nice work nonetheless.

  44. Already have 2 of her prints up….Please help me fill my wall of Handiedan!

  45. Great print. Thanks for the chance!

  46. Great contest-thanks!

  47. Nice… sweet print

  48. Incredible print. I’ll make room to hang this one.

  49. This is lovely..can I win please 😉

  50. Come on lady luck !

  51. Once again….Thank You Mitch!
    ….and thank you Phone Booth

  52. another awesome print!

  53. Would love to get my hands on a Handiedan.

  54. very cool giveaway…me want

  55. Hook a guy up from Melbourne! Cheers Mitch, this site is pure gold.

  56. awesome print. I’m in.

  57. Hello, you’ve got a nice poster

  58. superb print

  59. I love this-pick me, pick me!

  60. Come on, Yahtzee!

  61. yerp.

  62. This is the winning comment.

  63. Right now I’m doing the same pose as Felix the Cat in the top left hand corner.. Pick me!!

    Stunning work…

  64. I’m digging the pinups.

  65. Hook it up!


  67. Ooo yes please

  68. Hotness. THanks.

  69. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. amazing print!

  71. Not too shabby – nice print!

  72. Awesome print!! Good luck everyone!!

  73. Freaking nice

  74. Awesome print. Girl on right looks so hot.

    I would have posted something here anyhow, not like some of these other leaches.

  75. love it! hope it’s me!

  76. Whou whou whou free amazing print !!!
    Thanks OMG !
    Thanks Phone Booth Gallery !

  77. There’s only one poster that’s better than any other poster & that’s one that’s been won.

  78. Amazing! Yes please

  79. I never win anything.

  80. Pick me, pick me!!!

  81. Has anyone got the email address for the one on the right?

  82. love the art. feeling lucky…

  83. Thanks Mitch!

  84. Good Lookin’!

  85. Looks great!

  86. Very cool!

  87. Beauty!

  88. pick me pick me pick me!!! please….

  89. Wow that is a fine piece of art.

  90. Handiedan rules!

  91. I’m in!

  92. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccceeeee!

  93. Great print

  94. This would totally beat the pizza party I won in 7th grade!

  95. Wow! Very Nice print. Thanks!

  96. awesome print, entering!

  97. In like Flynn!

  98. Mine!!

  99. Beautiful looking print.

  100. Very nice!

  101. really like it

  102. Thanks Gary & Mitch!!

  103. Another great OMG giveaway. Thanks!

  104. Always worth a shot…

  105. Hey, alright.

  106. wow wow wow wow
    good stuff ^^great print
    j’en veux un, j’en veux un pour moi et oui coco il est pour moi 😉

  107. Thanks!

  108. Sign me up

  109. holy shitballs this is the best comp ever. good luck to me! beautiful print. peace!

  110. thanks…ill keep my fingers crossed.

  111. thanks for the awesome contest, cheers

  112. Hello.

  113. Oh yeah!

  114. sexy print!

  115. Incredible giveaway! Thank you!

  116. Grrrrrrr… First time ive been seduced enough to actually post! Thanks Garry, Mitch and of course, handiedan!! Come to Daddy!!! XXX

  117. Oooh, what a lovely competition, and an even lovelier print!

  118. Another great giveaway!

  119. awesome!

  120. Wohoo, I’ve missed the last few deadlines on your contests, perhaps I’ll be lucky and get some art on my walls =)

  121. Fantastic contest for a fantastic piece of work. Thanks

  122. thank you

  123. gotta be in it to win it.

    Great Blog! thanks

  124. Wish me luck folks.

  125. Nice giveaway. I’d certainly like to check one of these out in person.

  126. nut lucky in games, but lucky in love :)

  127. *I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for the next 2-days!*

  128. Mitch would love another print from Mitch. Thanks, Mitch

  129. wow, best giveaway yet, i want my first Handiedan

  130. handie print… thanks both!

  131. big fan.

  132. more of these, please.

  133. You’re awesome

  134. come to mama

  135. Boing! Yes!

  136. Aight
    Stop whatcha doin’
    ’cause I’m about to ruin
    the image and the style thatcha used to.
    I look funny
    but yo I’m makin’ money see
    so yo world I hope you ready for me!

  137. I’d like that print.

  138. IT’S MINE!

  139. i would like this one please.


  141. nice. pick me.

  142. i would love to have that print.

  143. Got room on my wall, next to another Handiedan!

  144. Wow! That’s a lot of comments! Oh and love the print…

  145. Would love to grab my first Handiedan print

  146. Awesome


  148. boy howdy

  149. Count me in!

  150. Oh, these prints are just gorgeous. I love the Gil Elvgren thing. Thanks so much, guys!

  151. ok, here you go.

  152. I’m a collector

  153. ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♫ ♬ ♪ ♩

  154. **~~**

    Great print, would love to win it


  155. WOW! I’ve been following her artwork for quite sometime now but haven’t had the cash flow to buy one. MY DAY HAS COME :) Cool contest!!!!

  156. Lalalalalalalalalala!

  157. Wow…awesome print! Great job OMG for scoring one of those for a give away!!

  158. I want this more than the people above and below me.

  159. Something

  160. Wow! Look at all those comments!

    Bravo Han, BPG and OMG.

  161. free is good …woot!

  162. Hi there. Love the print. My wall would like to display this for my friend to envy me :-)
    Entering the giveway 😉

  163. Awesome, thanks for the giveaway

  164. sasdfdfgrarwyj

  165. Super duper cool!

  166. Didn’t know Handiedan til I read your blog. Thanks for that.

  167. Great giveaway Mitch!

  168. Tuesday

  169. Thanks

  170. thanks for the opportunity — best wishes to all OMGPvolk

  171. nice print, count me in on the contest please

  172. Beautiful! Love this site, love this print. Great contest!

  173. Great piece. Best of luck.

  174. You guys are great. What an awesome opportunity! I hope I win!!

  175. Nice giveaway! Thanks PBG and Mitchypoo!

  176. Fantastic print. If I don’t win I will have to get one anyway.

  177. looks brilliant as usual!

    i need one

  178. she is amazing….nice work

  179. Fabulous. Me, please.

  180. thanks for the contest!

    good luck to everybody 😉

  181. She’s got legs. She knows how to use ’em.

  182. Awesome print!
    And thanks PB and OMG for all you do.

  183. Beautiful print.

  184. This one is awesome. Please choose me, random number generator.

  185. pick me

  186. winner winner chicken dinner!

  187. Nice!
    Another contest!

  188. Ah… this would look so beautiful in my boudoir! Crossing fingers and toes… XXXOO

  189. I’ll have to negociate with my wife to hang it on my wall but in the end, it i’ll be in my living room if i win. I’ll send pictures to prove it.

  190. Neat piece. There’s a lot going on in there.

  191. This is so nice of Gary and Mitch! Thanks Again for all you do!

  192. Han is killing it! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  193. Hi, i love Handiedan’s work n Phoneboothgallery kick ass!! wooo!

  194. nice give away. “fingers crossed”

  195. hope to win…thanks for the chance

  196. such an awesome piece. hope to win.

  197. I LIKE PIZZA!!!

  198. Benny Hill…..

  199. I’m gonna win

  200. yes please!

  201. Rock ON!!!

  202. would be a great addition to the collection

  203. Yet another amazing piece of work from Han Solo! Thanks OMGPosters and Phone Booth Gallery.

  204. Hey there, sick print. now pick me so i can afford one actually!!

  205. Pure perfection.

  206. These giveaways are great. Thanks Phone Booth! Thanks Mitch!

  207. could this mine?

  208. comment.

  209. Something

  210. hopefully, this will be the first time i get to have one of Handiedan’s prints =D

  211. this rocks , just like HAnny! i wanna see a mermaid

  212. Han you rock! Thanks also PBG for doing this. As an owner of one your OG’s this would look great right along side :)

  213. leaving something for something free

  214. Lookin good

  215. If I had to call it anything…i’d say it’s his knee.

  216. por favor, yo quiero un print para mi famila. gracis

  217. Neat!

  218. Handiedan keeps getting better and better! She is amazing!

  219. sign me up!!

  220. Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  221. i never win contests.

  222. awesome

  223. Sweet!!! Thanks.

  224. me. me me me me me.!

  225. nice gams!

  226. Yea, I waited till the 180s to comment. Not that I feel lucky or anything…

  227. Woooo!!!!!

  228. thanks Phone Booth Gallery & Mitch!!

  229. Hoo-hoo-hook It up!

  230. beautiful print!

  231. NICE!!!
    sign me up:)

  232. I’m in!!!
    Very cool.

  233. These prints are just all kinds of awesome.

  234. Pick me…Pick me!

  235. Verrrrry Niiiice, I like. How much?

  236. Count me in……

  237. yes please

  238. can’t wait to win this!!!

  239. Throwing my name in the virtual hat.

  240. Very cool. Add me to the list of worthy competitors

  241. Love it

  242. Pretty sweet, I’m in!

  243. Wow, what a great print. Very cool of Phone Booth Gallery and OMG Posters, thanks.

  244. Good Luck everyone!!

  245. Very cool!

  246. Handiedan!!!

  247. Amazinggg!!

  248. wish me luck! 😉

  249. Very nice! Thanks for the cool giveaway opportunities :)

  250. Looks great!

  251. England calling- Phonebooth and OMG rock, now lets see it wing across the pond.XXX

  252. I want to thank all the little people that helped me with this post.

  253. sweet action!

  254. Love it!

  255. Sweet print – give it to me!!!

  256. This would be awesome to win. I know right where it would hang.

  257. hii!! love it! :)

  258. I’m a Burlesque dancer so this print would fit me t o a T!!xxx

  259. this print looks totally sick thats for the chance to wim something!!

  260. sweet

  261. Let’s win! Great print!

  262. love the print… I’ll take it

  263. Count me it! Thanks Mitch for these fun contest with amazing artwork!

  264. FREE!

  265. Phone Booth Gallery always has something exciting. What a great print!

  266. I want to go to there.

  267. A pretty sweet print :) Reminds me of my native Srilanka and South India especially the background and then a pair of cheeky lusty ladies. A great piece to hang in the house!

  268. Come on, free print!

  269. Great print, thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

  270. Nice!

  271. Sweet!

  272. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  273. ok ok, i’m in.

  274. Two competitions in a week – nice :)

  275. whoooo, me please

  276. In.

  277. Really sharp artwork. I’d buy one if I could afford it right now. . .

  278. I want

  279. hello

  280. in!

  281. Sweet, thanks again!

  282. Mine, mine, mine. :-)

    Love Han’s work. Thanks for the opportunity.

  283. ive never won anything before. this would be a nice first time! :)

  284. Wow! Me too!

  285. Great print. Would look smashing in my studio!

  286. awesome….

  287. Like the donkey said to Shrek: PICK ME!

  288. Count me in!

  289. I love this and need it on my wall!!!

  290. I like this a lot! Thanks for the contest!

  291. Hotness! Thanks for the contest – you rock.

  292. A beauty! Crossin my fingers….

  293. The winner is??

  294. Hands these to me Handiedan!!!!!!

  295. Best OMG contest yet! NICE! Thanks

  296. Nice print!

  297. Mom?!?

  298. Perfect.

  299. long time lurker first post… Thanks!

  300. Oh wurr? Mah burr!

  301. so awesome i want it. so please please please let me get what i want

  302. Oh! Great print, this is why I love OMG… well that and all the other awesome prints that I find out about.

  303. i want it now daddy

  304. i wonder how many comments this will get….400 ? 500 ?

  305. Holy crap, that’s a brilliant print!

  306. cool, thanks dude.

  307. Like Wayne said while looking at the vintage Fender Stratocaster through the music store window; ‘It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!’

  308. Fingers Crosssed X!

  309. Do want please

  310. I’m feeling lucky.

  311. Beautiful print. Hopefully it will be mine.

  312. Love it!

  313. Oh yeah

  314. I’m in!

  315. want want wantttt

  316. /want

  317. print rules.

  318. wowee

  319. Put me in coach!

  320. okie dokie smokey donkey.

  321. nice giveaway, thanks!

  322. Handiedannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!

  323. BUP BUP BUP!!!

  324. Thanks for the chance!!! Keep it up Mitch. Great stuff!

  325. want. for the love of all that is holy, WANT!

  326. Handiedan’s work is unbelievable. Would love to score this print.

  327. I’m game. Come here everyday, so I might as well post for once!

  328. I have just the spot on my wall for something so lovely.

  329. Sweet! Count me in!

  330. I like prints
    yes I do
    I like prints
    320 peeps do too!

  331. Many thanks for the opportunity!! Smokin’ print!!

  332. thats right… I did em’ both

  333. I want it!! looks so lovely…

  334. Very cool phonebooth. Thanks!

  335. That’s beautiful. Would love one.

  336. How does The Bear not win?!

  337. hooray for free stuff

  338. Sweet poster!

  339. Wow this looks amazing. Fingers crossed!

  340. I like this print

  341. Get get! Looks great!

  342. Sweet giveaway

  343. I have wanted one of his prints, FOR EVER! They are always sold out by the time I find out about the release.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  344. Looks awesome! ::fingers crossed::

  345. winner winner chicken dinner?…. i hope

  346. please be mine for the love of god!

  347. Here goes nothin’. : ) Thank you!

  348. Very cool.

  349. this one is awesome!

  350. Love it, love it!!

  351. Yes please!

  352. I love this..Want #50

  353. cool. good luck!

  354. great giveaway, thanks!

  355. I am the lucky hand pulling up the skirt

  356. one please

  357. Give me a comment, Vasili. One comment only, please.

  358. Oh how this would make me the happiest girl in the world!

  359. Count me in.

  360. This print makes my pants feel smaller!

  361. I am comment 333, insignificant… yet beautiful.

  362. I MUST HAVE!

  363. Felix the Cat is a nice little touch. I like the overall imagery she creates. I only wish the original art used more of the original ephemera and not giclee print outs to create the collages. there should be a wealth of antique print material to work with.

  364. This Handiedan looks handy Dan.

  365. Thanks!

  366. Wow, that’s a great print! I would love to have it.

  367. yes please!

  368. I like chocolate chip cookies

  369. Amazing! Thanks for the chance.

  370. Again, here’s hoping I’m that needle in this quite large haystack…

  371. just so you know, I can put in a few good words with your parole officer (wink, wink)

  372. We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.

  373. Wow. Awesome print! …but 1/300+ odds of winning aren’t looking too good right now!

  374. Cool of you guys / PBG for doing this. Cheers!

  375. Lovely. Just lovely.

  376. all the above said i can have it .

  377. This is a gorgeous piece. I love the deconstruction of the pinup girls. Where can I get one?

  378. Holla

  379. I can has?

  380. WANT

  381. PICK ME!!!

  382. Sweet giveaway!

  383. Cmonnnn…feeling LUCKY!

  384. Niiiiiiice!!!

  385. What up OMG!

  386. I need a print to go along with the shirt I ordered from Phone Booth!!

  387. love her work and missed out on this early morning release…. fingers crossed :)

  388. Great print by Handidan, as always:) Would love to get my hands on this hot piece. Thanks OMGposters Bunny:) xo

  389. Great legs, love the burlesque feel. Always a great print.

  390. Mememememememe! Good looking piece.

  391. Oh yeah! I’m in!

  392. Comment Comment Comment Blah Blah Blah, Love her work and would love a free print Yeah.

  393. there can be only one….

  394. wow! looks great! fingers crossed!!

  395. Love Handiedan’s work, would be honored to have it on my wall.

  396. Looks great! A lovely print.


  397. Cannot wait to hold this print in my grubby hands.

  398. Great poster

  399. Would love to have this!

  400. I said what? what?

  401. Sweet.

  402. yes please.

  403. I love Handiedan’s prints!

  404. In it to win it.

  405. Im trying to convince my lady to have some pin up photos taken of her….this could really help my cause!

  406. ¿GRATIS? Yo me apunto!!!

  407. pick me!

  408. Well I would love to win this.

  409. Awesome.

  410. Want it.

  411. omg doing it yet again. hell yeah.

  412. A Handiedan giveaway? I’m in!

  413. What a great print… I’m still kicking my ass for missing out on the “Toilet” print earlier this year. “Fingers Crossed”!!

  414. Beautiful print! Will look great in my bedroom.

  415. Love the print. Pick me!

  416. Another great looking piece. Thanks.

  417. Always waiting!!

  418. Thanks to Phonebooth & OMG for the contest. Whoohoo!

  419. So happy that Handiedan is getting so much attention.

    Thanks Mitch and PBG!

  420. Beautiful print and a great website to go with it.
    Never seen these before so popped over to have a look, great stuff!

  421. I love this print

  422. @Dinker, fyi Handiedan is a lady.

  423. i’ll throw my name in the hat…thanks mitch and phonebooth.

  424. Chicken Dinner

  425. thanks mitch and thanks phone booth and thanks handiedan for making beautiful art.

    oooooooh sexy.

  426. Nice print !!


  428. want this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  429. It would be awesome enough just to be able to buy one!

  430. would love this

  431. Love the Felixes (Felii?) in the corners! Gorgeous stuff.

  432. I am in love with this baby!!

  433. yes please

  434. fingers crossed

  435. would love one of these – great work!

  436. would love to own this beauty

  437. what an awesome giveaway!

  438. I’d love this! Fingers crossed!

  439. this would be awesome framed on my wall :)

  440. She’s a busy and very talented girl is our Han! Another lovely image.

    You gotta be inittowinit !!!

  441. I like!

  442. Couldn’t pass up a chance for a free print. Thx.

  443. Come on, lucky comment !

  444. a nice addition to anyone’s collection!!!

  445. thanks phone booth & omg!

  446. Hopefully me! Love it.


  448. something in the comments for this post!

    (also I’m #421.. why must I be a minute late?)

  449. Great Giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  450. Perfect addition for above my bed!!

  451. I need this print.

  452. Awesome. Thanks!

  453. love this site!!!!

  454. Good Luck is an understatement. Love this artists work though, so I am trying.

  455. Boom! You’re Pregnant!

  456. I’m in!

  457. I love Handiedan’s work. Different! It speaks to you! Would love to own this. I actually tried to buy one in the past and couldn’t get it before it sold out. thanks for the opportunity to get this one.

  458. Not sure about the name of the print, otherwise it looks awesome!

  459. would look good on my wall

  460. wow very nice, looking forward to winning this

  461. This print looks amazing!

  462. You can’t win if you don’t play.

  463. love her work.

  464. subject to review are my comments so leave at front step to those who require such arcane methods to the madness that ensues. Rinse and repeat.

  465. I like.

  466. I wanna be the next contestant on the Price is Right!

  467. Love this.

  468. Who is lifting the blonde’s skirt? No, seriously, whose arm is that?

  469. wow!!

  470. i want, i want, i want

  471. defenetely one to keep!

  472. Thanks!

  473. I comment, for I covet.

  474. gorgeous!

  475. Wow! possibly the best so far!!

  476. I want to WIN!

  477. Handiedan is a Handy Man

  478. pick me, pick me!

  479. loving this!

  480. lucky 434

  481. Love OMG, love Handiedan!

  482. Me please! good luck everyone!!

  483. Wow, 400+ comments already! Not surprising though, Handiedan’s work is excellent. Cheers Mitch and PBG.

  484. Spooge!

  485. Fingers crossed!

  486. Pretty print.

  487. Beautiful Print!!! Thanx 4 the opportunity!!!

  488. Thanks for the opportunity.

  489. Awesome print, no Whammies…. STOP!

  490. Awesome count me in!!

  491. Very cool, hope I get it, I loved this one when it got unveiled a little while back.

  492. Sweet. Love this print

  493. I love free stuff

  494. i think i love you

  495. Nice print

  496. C’mon, Handiedan giveway… Thanks again, Mitch!!!

  497. Beautiful! Thanks for the contest.

  498. Print is SICK! I would love to win that!

  499. This print is pretty dope! Hook it up! Thanks.

  500. something!

  501. I think thinking is thoughtful although my thoughts aren’t completely thought out…

  502. I’m in thanks for the contest

  503. Wow quite a turnout. Thanks for the contest!

  504. This is going to look great in the little man’s nursery!

  505. It’s the heart on the inner thigh that makes all the difference….
    Fingers crossed for the win.

  506. Looks like im too late to just write something. So I’ll write something else instead.

  507. WOW!! I couldnt believe all the posts here. PIck me, pick me!!!

  508. I’m in for that! Great piece!

  509. ohmigoodness, those ladies and their sauciness is just what my bedroom needs. thanks lots for the generosity!

  510. Dodongo lives!

  511. awesome

  512. das ist gut. yah?

  513. Awesome Print! Hope I win it!

  514. Woohoo! I love contests!

  515. Beautiful print, thanks for the contest!

  516. This print is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it. It would look fantastic on my wall.

  517. hoping I have better luck on this one. love it.

  518. i would like this

  519. Spectacular print! and OMG, you’ve got a major following!!!

  520. this would look great on my wall

  521. Simply put, Gorgeous~

  522. Love this print and the fact that they are giving one away!

  523. Please let me get what I want. Lord knows it would be the first time.

  524. I would love to hang this on the wall, not sure the girlfriend will be as excited about it. Maybe I’ll let her put pictures of our dogs to be fair.

  525. I do love pin up art

  526. Great work

  527. sweet

  528. Foxy lady bodies on my wall? yes please!!!

  529. Hi there!

  530. THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!

  531. Make me #510!

  532. woo!

  533. Hmmmmmm, yes please!

  534. rad

  535. it would blow my mind if i were to win this beautiful print. PICK ME RANDOM GENERATOR

  536. Comment

  537. Comment left. Waiting to win.

  538. Awesome piece! Very cool that PBG & OMG is going to hooking one lucky person with this giclee. Handiedan does amazing work! Congrats to the winner and I hope I can get through to pick my first Handiedan print.

  539. This is amazing, love me some pin ups

  540. Anime No. 1 come to me!

  541. good luck.

  542. I love this!!!

  543. Thanks Mitch! This is great : )

  544. wow. unreal. must have it.

  545. i never win anything

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  552. No one ever wins these contests.

  553. Really nice print.

  554. I ain’t gonna win shit. Thanks for the shot though.

  555. Hook it up.

  556. I am in ! Thank you OMG

  557. Amazing print! I have just the right spot on my wall for this!

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  562. ////////////////////////////////////v////V////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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    /////////////// //////// I I I//////////////////////////////////////////////////
    /////////////\ \///// I I I \//////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //////////////\ I ) )__I )/////////////////////////////////////////////////
    Worth a try!!

  563. Great print, count me in!!

  564. i just got a new aparment and neeeeed this on my wall! i hope i win ;P

  565. pick me!!!

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  567. Well I’m excited.

  568. it would really help me tie the room together

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  575. Let this be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  576. wow, this piece is really beautifully done. i’m new to this blog, but i think i check it everyday now. bought a tshirt yesterday from one of your links (yeah yeah, i know, its a blog about posters)

  577. Looks great. Thanks for chance.

  578. I’ve never won anything in my life. Maybe this is my lucky day . . .

  579. cool print, good luck folks

  580. Awesome! I Want!

  581. This is GORGEOUS! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats to the lucky winner!

  582. and the winner is…….

    beautiful piece Han

  583. Longtime listener, first time poster. This is spottieottiedopaclicious. I don’t know how you pick a winner, but they are lucky. Judging by the comments, people kind of want this.

  584. Yarrr – I want one

  585. Great looking print!!!

  586. I love you OMG posters, you are on my daily site visit list… Thanks for the giveaway!

  587. Sweet! Let’s wait and see…

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  604. This is another great print from one of my favorite up and coming artists. Amazing texture, great giclee.

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  609. Intricately beautiful, and a chance at a free print too! Count me in. Thanks PostersandToys and Phone Booth Gallery.

  610. I always seem to miss out on Han’s releases but this could be my lucky 48 hours !

  611. this print is sick. love it…

  612. Thanks for the sweet giveaway. My fingers are officially crossed!

  613. THIS is ALL me!!!

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  619. Love the Handiedan as always!!!

  620. Fantastic Print. Kudos to Handiedan!

  621. Spread the wealth. This is a great way to introduce artists to a wider market.

  622. ill take it!

  623. killer work

  624. This woud look pretty awesome on my wall. We shall see.

  625. thanks for considering me!

  626. Me Please!

  627. BEAUTIFUL print, I’d be proud to hang it!

  628. Awesome print! Good luck everyone.

  629. Beautiful print,simply beutiful.Thanks for the chance.

  630. If I pretend not to want it, I’m bound to win it…This print is awful, I don’t want one in the slightest.

  631. cool print, thanks OMG

  632. Great print.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

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  634. i never win anything…

  635. Loving IT!

  636. am i the WINNNNNER?

  637. Great print, I know the perfect place for it.

  638. fingers crossed

  639. What a beautiful piece– nice vintage feel with modern freshness. I am new to Handiedan’s work but am an immediate fan! Would love to start my collection with this print

  640. Got to be worth a go!

  641. Wow theres so many comments. My comment FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  642. I wants it.

  643. kick ass print!

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  645. Dopeness….

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  650. Looks awesome, luck fall on me!

  651. Interesting aesthetic! Love the site by the way, I check it every day.

  652. that is like, super hot.

  653. I need some duct tape to hold this thing down because that is just beautiful.

  654. Major hottie. And I owe my poster obsession to you guys, pretty much.

  655. PLEASE!

  656. niceness

  657. In for a chance

  658. Peace.

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  661. Looks pretty cool , would love to get one and thanks

  662. In. Let’s hope i’m having a lucky day for once!

  663. She is good at what she does.

  664. Gorgeous print. Luck be a lady tonight!

  665. Love omgposters, fast update on print and have luck draw for us :)

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  669. Beautiful. Many thanks for this.

  670. Why not me?

  671. This is sweetness. Randomly generate me, please.

  672. I’d be most appreciative of a free print, and am most appreciative of your commitment to keeping your readers current with the best artists out there!


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  674. Gonna throw my hat in on this one. Thanks Mitch!

  675. Nice print, perfect minge to arms ratio. love it.

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  678. So many comments!

  679. pick me!!

  680. I’m not wearing any pants right now.

  681. Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?

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  683. I wont win this either. Although I really hope I do.

    Come on random number generator!!!!

  684. This will go great in the living room of my new apartment!

  685. I’d buy that for a dollar!

  686. I would ld like the print very much… Giveaway: Win Handiedan’s New Art Print!!! Aloha

  687. if i say nice things about the random number generator, will it randomly generate my number please?

  688. i love this print count me in thanks……

  689. Love your work, check it every day. Thanks for the giveaway.

  690. pick me lol


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  693. ( . ) ( . )

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  699. The ghost of Kellum says pick me!!!!!

  700. Hello Operator? I’d like to get a free poster please. I will stay here in the phonebooth till u respond

  701. chea

    this is bomb

  702. ME!ME!ME!ME! I love this guy – even bought one of his tees (which I found out about here btw). :)(: Pam

  703. Gorgeous.

  704. Awesome Print !!!!!

  705. Woo

  706. hooray prints. and beer.

  707. Isn’t that the old cartoon character in the upper right hand corner. The black cat, I can’t for the life of me think of his name though.

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  710. please

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  718. Something in the comments for this post.

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  748. Go Portland!

  749. :O @ 694 responses!

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  752. That is one helluva print… Ya never know…

    Thanks OMG!!!

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  754. absolutely beautiful :)

  755. Love the art! Good luck!

  756. Siiiiiiiiiick!! I really like this one of his. Probably the best one!

  757. can’t wait for this print!

  758. Fantastic print! Wow, what a turnout for this contest. I was impressed when it was at 400 comments this afternoon, but near 700 (or much more) is great!

  759. !

  760. Beautiful print!

  761. Sweet! I always miss out on Handiedan’s work. Would love to win this.

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  769. Worth a shot.

  770. Handiedan works continue to impress in many ways, and she’s quite kind in real life too! Can’t wait to get a copy of this soon

  771. Loving this print. It would almost be like winning the lottery.

  772. aimee is the lucky winner!

  773. if its free, its for me

  774. OMG thats an ill print lemme git it

  775. Gimme!

  776. That’s beautiful! Thanks for the contest!

  777. Aaaarggh comment #700! Slightly better odds than winning the lottery….but would be my first Handiedan, and just as rewarding! Cheers

  778. Great art and great contest good luck all!!!!

  779. wicked contest. That dan will come in well handy

  780. love this contest. way to go and good luck all

  781. I really like her head!

  782. Great idea Mitch Love her work

  783. beautiful beautiful print, pick me because my nickname is megatron 😛

  784. hand me Handiedan’s new art print

  785. I never win anything. But anything is worth a shot.

  786. Wow, I love Handiedan’s stuff but its always sold out by the time I find out about one of her releases. It’s a shame I will never get to own any of her work without shelling out a small fortune, due to the fact I am a poor student.

  787. Me please !!!

  788. Als fan van Handiedan én haar werk doe ik graag mee met deze contest!

  789. Beautiful Print!

  790. Give it to me… :)

  791. Cheers!!!!!!!

  792. awesome. very awesome.

  793. Love this blog!


  794. the colors used is what i enjoyed best, although, i think the art is exceptional as well

  795. feels sorta like it could be a bathroom wallpaper. me likes. so pick me since the artist has my name in it.

  796. I want to do a whole wall in this pattern…. Sweet print

  797. Be Excellent To Each Other

  798. i might be too late but it does not hurt to try 😉
    well i really would love to see this on my wall

  799. Please can I win it, I’ve yet to make it in time to even buy one of his prints…

  800. I have a spot on my wall for this.

  801. thank you man, print seems ok :)

  802. i always love when print is incorporated with ladies.

  803. Phone Booth gallery is awesome for doing this.

  804. i was recently considering selling my soul in exchange for eternal life……….. but after seeing this amazing peice …. id gladly change the swap! –

    seriously this is art id trade my granny for!


  805. but i’m going to focus all my positive energy into this reply to enhance my luck power that will enable me to make my dream come true.

    ie. to finally… be a winner.

  806. totally rad print.

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  808. good stuff

    it will look great on my wall!!!


  809. Sweet lookin print!

  810. Awesome print! Thanks for putting this giveaway together. Cant wait to hang it on my wall 😉

  811. I wanna win!

  812. Gotta love it!

  813. if i won i’d be sure to send you a picture of it hanging in my flat with a very happy me beside it. Thank you!

  814. Thanks to PBG and OMG for the giveaway!

  815. WAHOO…. love it and THANK YOU!


  817. Shazzzzam!

  818. Handiedan is always cool. Great print. Greetz from Germany!

  819. Incredible Print, awesome opportunity thanks to Phone Booth — hope I get picked!

  820. i’d like one! thanks!

  821. That print looks absolutely gorgeous!

  822. I want!

  823. Lovely print! Needless to say, it would look amazing in my living room!

  824. Hey, it could happen! Beautiful piece, hoping my karma is in good shape 😉

  825. Loving this print!

  826. I WON!!!!!!!

  827. Nothing in your education or experience can prepare you…..

    To give ME that free print!


  828. Awesome. Pick me.

  829. Nice print.

  830. Wa wa wee wow!

    What a beauty. Good luck to everyone!

  831. Thanks all for the giveaway.

  832. Always so detailed and sensuous! Thanks Phone Booth/OMG for chance to win!

  833. Pieces of Ass

  834. this thing is sick!!

  835. loving this print.

  836. Legs.

  837. Pick me, me, me, me, etc.

  838. Super awesome print!! Hope I win…

  839. Sweet. I want!

  840. Good luck me!

  841. awesome print…awesome contest!

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  843. Good looking print!

  844. Awesome! Should be the back of playing cards!

  845. I’d like one please. Awesome site BTW.

  846. This is a nice thing, not many people do nice things anymore.

  847. Love this contest

  848. please please please be lucky

  849. who knows….

  850. This is great! Thank you for this great contest!

  851. Please, please, please, be a lucky me!

  852. I’ve been living in my house for 5 years… I’ve got a ton of art to hang but I’ve yet to hang anything cause I can’t find the perfect place for anything. I think I know EXACTLY where this could go though!

    Pick me!

  853. Go hanneke!

  854. I deserve a free print for scrolling to the bottom of this page!

  855. something

  856. free stuff is kool!!! thx.

  857. thanks for this great giveaway!

  858. I would kill for this…..

  859. My dying grandmother’s wish is to have a copy of this print before she passes. Please make her a happy woman.

  860. This would look awesome in my office.

  861. Exciting!

  862. Way too ill

  863. IF im a lucky guy, and my gal’s a lucky gal, you will see this and like my post. Love the art! Simply Stunning.

  864. Hey yo! I am Chris Cunningham!

  865. yes yes ya’ll

  866. Cool, I want one! 😛

  867. FTW!

  868. This would make my month!!

  869. not only is this just amazing with every hidden detail (which makes it just like an ispy!) …

    but doesn’t it look like there is a face with a pretty snazzy mustache in between the two lovely ladies? maybe it’s just me but i can’t stop staring at it.

    so many details, layers, figures. she really knows how to create masterful elegance and drama.

  870. free amazing art print

    yes please

  871. I like free things

  872. hook me UP!!!

  873. ooo, yes please!

  874. The Bonobo, Pan paniscus, previously called the Pygmy Chimpanzee and less often, the Dwarf or Gracile Chimpanzee, is a great ape and one of the two species making up the genus Pan.

  875. Guns just got beat. Need this one to restore any belief in a God!

  876. only 879 comments? I like my chances.

  877. Kyp Malone rocked manchester hard last night… I feel my hangover kicking in x

  878. fit

  879. Very cool print!

  880. commenting for great justice!

  881. Love this! I want! I want! :)

  882. nice

  883. I love this. Here’s hoping!

    *crosses fingers*

  884. Hope you pick a high number!

  885. That shit rules.

  886. Please make this my first handiedan. She is great.

  887. Tattoo lady… lovely lady…

  888. ♥ handiedan ♥

  889. Love her prints and still haven’t been able to score one.

    Love the site btw. check it daily.

  890. I’d buy that for a dollar…..or less.. thanks OMG

  891. Fingers crossed…

  892. I would be beyond stoked to finally own one of her gorgeous prints.

  893. OMG. If i am not lucky enough to get this free i am still getting this for sure!!

  894. fingers crossed indeed!

  895. looks great, 1/ 900 odds!

  896. This is cool. Very very generous!

  897. It’s beautiful! I hope I win.

  898. please!!

  899. Ha, one wonders how many comments might still be coming pending moderation. Nothing to lose, and a nice print to gain, by staking a space on the wall here =)

  900. sweet print, let’s roll the dice

  901. Wow. Amazing work. Thanks for the opportunity.

  902. would love this on my wall


  904. Psycho KillerQu’est Que C’est
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better
    Run run run run run run run away

  905. Wait… which Justin.. haha

  906. Congrats Justin and thanks to Mitch and PBG for the great contest!
    I think that those people who submitted multiple posts should actually be banned from any future contests on the site. It was a totally uncool thing to do

  907. Different Justin.

  908. Good call mitch. Thanks for the contest.

  909. Good stuff Mitch. Way to tell ’em!

  910. Thanks OMG/PhoneBooth Gallery for the chance

  911. Classic :)
    Best post in yonks !

  912. greedy basterds

  913. thanks for the chance and fuck cheaters :)

  914. Justin from Mondo? Congrats if so dude.

    I wondered how long it’d take before goobers would try and get crafty.
    Mitch ain’t a fool you kids, buhleeeeee dat!!!

  915. Thanks everyone, what a ride! Print officially drops April 24… Justin should get the print before it even becomes available!

  916. haha. I am not the winner.


  918. Kudos on the comment about people posting multiple times… jerks! Thanks for a great web blog.

  919. @PBG: Well I’m definitely in for one on the 24th. I love the piece but I’m pretty tight about where money gets spent. Doing a cool giveaway like this tipped me into the purchase-for-sure category.
    Cool stuff all around. :)

  920. i like how the first post ends with “good luck” followed by the other…”fuck off.”
    OMG is goodness

  921. thanks Mitch and PBG!!!! congrats to the winner!

  922. yeah i won! one of my 100 names on here is justin.


    now gimme


  923. Thanks to PBG and Mitch for putting up such a cool prize.

  924. lol oh man, which justin is it?

  925. I was afraid to check my email that it wasn’t me lol… Mitch i sent you a email with my address. Thank you so much to OMG posters and Phone booth!!!!!! seriously, you guys are the best!

  926. Kudos to the winner !!
    This is really a great price !


  927. @iron jaiden — so awesome. Glad everyone enjoyed it!

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